Candles and Supplies Lights a Fire Under Its Business

Candles and Supplies


Candles and Supplies


Quakertown, Pa.


B2B and B2C merchant of candle-making and soap-making supplies

Applications Replaced

Visual AccountMate, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Commerce Server, Excel



"NetSuite has been revolutionary for us. Having everything under one roof has greatly improved our efficiency, and I no longer have to manage a network." Candles and Supplies

Customer Success

  • NetSuite gives Candles and Supplies a real-time view of its business, spanning sales, customers, inventory, ecommerce, costs, profitability and more.
  • Eliminating manual work and improving efficiency, Candles and Supplies is able to run on half the staff previously needed.
  • Candles and Supplies has detailed visibility into raw materials, labour and other costs to manage pricing and profitability, not possible with its previous siloed system.
  • Lag time of 30 days for financial reporting replaced with on-demand visibility into key metrics, enabling better decisions.
  • SuiteCommerce runs both a B2C web storefront and a B2B web portal for business customers, offering purchase history, order tracking and more.
  • NetSuite CRM helps Candles and Supplies better manage relationships and drive repeat business with up to 4,000 B2B customers in North America and internationally.
  • Order management processes reduced from days to same-day shipping, improving customer satisfaction.
  • NetSuite pre-integration with UPS and FedEx reduces manual work and speeds shipping time.
  • NetSuite Light Manufacturing streamlines assembly and packaging processes at Pennsylvania warehouse, providing better control over components and processes.
  • Real-time integrated view of inventory and cross-channel customer activity improves service levels from customer service reps.
  • Candles and Supplies is saving $12,000 previously spent on data backups, hardware and IT maintenance.


  • Classic "hairball" of unintegrated on-premise applications required inordinate amount of manual work to piece together data from disparate systems.
  • Candles and Supplies suffered delays in financial reporting, fulfilment and other processes that impacted business performance.
  • Fragmented infrastructure imposed a high cost in hardware purchases, software licencing, and IT upgrades, maintenance and data backups.


  • NetSuite selected in 2010 over SAP, Sage and GoECart as a single, integrated cloud system that could meet all business requirements.
  • Cloud architecture enables anytime, anytime access with fast and easy ramp-up for new users.
  • Scalability and extensibility enables Candles and Supplies to pursue further business growth with financial planning and other enhancements.

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