CMP Corp. Implements Lean Manufacturing Model with NetSuite to Cut Costs and Power Growth

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CMP Corporation


Oklahoma City, Okla.



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NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
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"NetSuite has given us dramatically better data access and reporting and has been instrumental in our lean manufacturing initiative, helping us reduce cost and waste while achieving double-digit growth." CMP Corp.

Customer Success

  • World's largest independent manufacturer of aftermarket compressor parts for refrigeration and HVAC units runs NetSuite as a core component of a lean manufacturing initiative, aimed at eliminating waste.
  • With lean manufacturing, CMP Corp. has systematically transformed its business for greater cost-efficiencies across core business processes in both aftermarket and custom-machined lines of business.
  • Through lean manufacturing, CMP has slashed crankshaft production lead time from 85 to 10 days while reducing costs 25%, with NetSuite playing a critical role.
  • Since the lean manufacturing initiative got under way in 2009, CMP has netted a 26% increase in revenue while growing the business across 95 countries.
  • NetSuite supports CMP's Kanban system for inventory optimisation, resulting in a 90% reduction in back orders, worth $300,000.
  • NetSuite inventory management supplies greater visibility and control over more than 3,000 part types and supported a wholesale redesign of CMP's 160,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.
  • NetSuite's flexibility allowed CMP to work with partners, Centricity Systems and Intente, to create a unique "Compressor Configurator" enabling customers to complete entire orders online with automated order processing.
  • Introduction of B2B ecommerce capabilities with SuiteCommerce gives customers new ordering flexibility while enabling CMP to broaden business reach and speed cash flow.
  • NetSuite Manufacturing Edition enables CMP to streamline production with such capabilities as work orders, bills of material, assembly management and requirements planning.
  • NetSuite's cloud infrastructure enabled CMP to reduce its server count from 10 to two while trimming its IT staff by one full-time employee and eliminating reliance on third-party IT consultants.
  • Overall IT efficiency has improved 75%, while mobile tablets on the factory floor give personnel on-demand access to critical data on the spot.


  • On-premise Infor Visual Manufacturing application was costly and outdated, and lacked the flexibility and reporting features that CMP wanted.
  • From a lean manufacturing perspective, in-house infrastructure with 10 servers and IT resources was viewed as waste that could be eliminated with a move to the cloud.
  • CMP wanted to strengthen its disaster tolerance capabilities in view of a tornado that decimated its facility.


  • NetSuite's strong manufacturing capabilities and cloud architecture were seen as an ideal combination to support a lean manufacturing initiative.
  • Cloud environment eliminates the risk of data loss from tornados or other on-site disasters.
  • Avoidance of high capital expenses for a new ERP solution enabled CMP to focus its resources on devising and implementing its highly successful lean manufacturing program.

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