NetSuite Helps Auto-Equipment Retailer Pioneer New Online Business Model

Greg Smith Equipment Sales


Greg Smith Equipment Sales


Indianapolis, IN


Retail, Ecommerce, automotive equipment

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"In our industry it might take a week or two to ship a two-thousand-pound car lift to a customer, but with NetSuite we can make most of our shipments in just two to three days. That's a tremendous competitive advantage." Greg Smith Equipment Sales

Customer Success

  • Company has experienced double-digit growth while freeing up 10% of IT staff time since bringing in NetSuite.
  • Heavy-equipment shipping time has improved by 25%, with most products shipping in two days.
  • Average order-to-cash cycle times have improved by 25%, shipping costs have been reduced by 10%.
  • Cloud-based integration of technical product data has improved callback response to customer inquiries by 75% on average, from two hours to just 30 minutes.
  • Customers now get a single invoice, even when products are shipped from multiple locations.
  • Real-time visibility into inventory data and NetSuite's browser access has made it possible for Greg Smith to add a road-sales initiative—with ability to make instant sales—to its online business model.
  • Visibility into warehouse inventories also lets Greg Smith shift heavy-equipment stock among locations in response to emergency or ad-hoc sales opportunities.


  • Online pioneer in auto-service equipment sales wanted to build competitive advantage by improving shipping and service performance.
  • Limited business software made it difficult to coordinate inventory management among the company's six US warehouses, resulting in slowed shipments and some missed sales.
  • Multiple invoices, necessary for orders shipped from different warehouses, were cumbersome and confusing to some customers.


  • Greg Smith replaced six instances of QuickBooks Enterprise with NetSuite for financials/ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.
  • NetSuite partner Explore Consulting helping integrate new Website with up-to-the-minute inventory status from Greg Smith's US warehouses.
  • NetSuite's dashboard now lets management analyse and optimise per-store profits, expenses, and hour-by-hour resource utilisation.

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