International Wine Accessories Uncorks Business Success with NetSuite

International Wine Accessories


International Wine Accessories


Petaluma, Calif.


Retail, Manufacturing

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, proprietary systems

"NetSuite is an amazing product that has enabled us to grow at an exceptional rate. I can’t think of another product that delivers integrated capabilities in a single solution and real-time insights into business performance." International Wine Accessories

Customer Success

  • International Wine Associates (IWA) has increased revenue 300% since implementing NetSuite in 2009 for financials, inventory and order management, CRM and ecommerce.
  • Upgrade to SuiteCommerce Advanced web storefront in September 2014 has significantly improved sales and key metrics for the ecommerce channel.
  • With SuiteCommerce Advanced, time on site is up 60% and the single-page bounce rate is down 34%.
  • Revamped mobile-friendly website with single-page checkout and faceted search has helped increase conversion 70% for desktop users and 17% for mobile users.
  • For commerce marketing, IWA replaced Constant Contact with the Bronto Marketing Platform, increasing open rates by 7% and click-through rates by 29%.
  • NetSuite B2B Customer Center supplies robust self-service functionality driving more business among B2B buyers, who account for 30% to 40% of business.
  • Order processing time was reduced from 20 minutes to 20 seconds, providing scalability for growing order volumes.
  • Batch order fulfilment and billing provides additional efficiencies during peak holiday season.
  • IWA has real-time control and insights into inventory to speed fulfillment and reduce costs.
  • NetSuite CRM data supports effective case management and marketing blasts.
  • NetSuite’s centralised product information enables easy export of product information to Google Merchant and other services in 15 minutes, vs. four hours manually.
  • Using third-party app FarApp, products are displayed in and orders transferred from Amazon’s marketplace.
  • IWA saved $24,000 a year in labour and maintenance costs spent on its previous environment.


  • Manufacturer of high-end wine cabinets and coolers wanted to expand into accessories market.
  • QuickBooks and proprietary systems—adequate for low-volume, high-dollar sales—wouldn't scale to high-volume business.
  • Previous IT systems were slow and inflexible, making it difficult to analyse customer trends and create proactive marketing campaigns.
  • Management was unable to view up-to-date financial results and trends without access to QuickBooks, and salesmen located in the Company’s remote Dallas office were unable to view real-time inventory levels when talking to customers.


  • NetSuite offered a fully integrated solution for ERP, CRM and ecommerce in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise systems.
  • NetSuite Professional Services helped IWA rapidly implement and optimise its SuiteCommerce Advanced deployment.
  • Integration solution from NetSuite partner FarApp enables fast, seamless product information transfers to

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