Prudential Locations Enjoys Skyrocketing Agent Productivity with NetSuite CRM+

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NetSuite CRM

"There was nobody out there offering real estate vertical capabilities that we needed, so we knew we needed a solution that was both powerful and easy to customise. NetSuite was the most flexible architecture for our needs. We couldn't possibly communicate with the kind of frequency and consistency we need without it." Prudential Locations

Customer Success

  • Delivering 1.5 million e-mails on behalf of agents yearly.
  • 98% buy-in from 240 independent real estate agents who pay to subscribe to Prudential's NetSuite-based service platform.
  • Integration between NetSuite CRM+ and Prudential Web portal provides agents with important insights into client desires.
  • Agents have more sales tools for re-engaging past clients and prospects.
  • Agents able to manage up to 10x more relationships than was possible using previous solutions.


  • Lacked efficient way to expose its extensive data to agents and sales managers.
  • Needed solution to blend real estate market data with customer data.
  • No off-the-shelf solution supported its unique workflow.
  • Needed cost-effective and insightful customer communication methods for the peaks and valleys of real estate business cycle.


  • Switched from to NetSuite CRM+ for 300+ users.
  • NetSuite providing powerful, reliable platform for core CRM and custom functionality.
  • All agent contacts with prospects and clients provide full sales cycle history.
  • Automated e-mail marketing campaigns keep prospects warm with minimal need for agent action.
  • Flexible platform allows for future expansion in property management.

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