London Food Retailer Grows, Cuts Costs with NetSuite

Rococo Chocolates


Rococo Chocolates


London, United Kingdom


Food/Beverage, Retail

Applications Replaced

Sage Line 50




BlueBridge One


Weybridge, Surrey

"With NetSuite we now have time to concentrate on real business matters without having to worry about keeping our IT infrastructure up to speed." Rococo Chocolates

Customer Success

  • Sales have increased 25 percent, and Rococo is opening new stores—and selling to other retailers—in Europe.
  • Rococo saved £30,000 over a comparable premise-based system, and is able to add retail space without having to add infrastructure components.
  • Company saves an estimated £6,000 yearly on maintenance over the previous system.
  • NetSuite integration now gives Rococo staff real-time access to all relevant business information, when and where they need it.


  • Complex, expensive business software made it difficult for Rococo to keep up with growth opportunities.
  • Constant vendor add-ons and upgrades wasted administration time and didn't deliver hoped-for improvements.
  • Previous supplier offered only wired network options, and not Web-based solutions.


  • Company replaced its on-premise systems with NetSuite.
  • Role-based dashboards are configured to give each department the exact in formation it needs.
  • NetSuite lets customers place orders directly, and order information becomes instantly available to managers.

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