South Australian Medical Research Institute Launches New State-of-the-Art Healthcare Initiative on NetSuite





Adelaide, South Australia


Healthcare (first independent medical research institute in South Australia)

Applications Replaced

Excel, outsourced accounting service


NetSuite Financials

"The beauty of NetSuite is you get all the functionality of a very large system without spending a fortune; very easy to use; intuitive; reliable. We love the reporting flexibility." SAHMRI

Customer Success

  • As a new public health research organisation created in late 2009, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) has a single, cross-functional system to handle all core processes and scale as the institute grows.
  • SAHMRI has gained critical per-project financial monitoring and multi-level summary-to-detail reporting across a $100 million AUD annual budget and several hundred medical research projects.
  • Real-time budget vs. actuals and strategic planning support data-driven decisions on projects across seven themes of cancer, heart health, aboriginal health, healthy mothers and children, infection and immunity, mind and brain, and nutrition and metabolism.
  • Strong financial controls and auditability in NetSuite strengthen accountability to funders, including the Australia Health and Medical Research Council, other government agencies, universities, private donors and bioscience companies.
  • SAHMRI is able to commit more resources to mission-critical medical research through lean finance and IT operations made possible with cloud business management.
  • Replacing manual processes, NetSuite streamlines procurement of services and goods, from commodity test tubes to costly and sophisticated medical devices, from as many as 300 suppliers.
  • NetSuite cloud mobility enables an easy transition from SAHMRI's temporary quarters to a new $200 million AUD building scheduled to open in late 2013.


  • SAHMRI needed a cost-effective, proven business platform as it expands its operations, secures more funding, adds researchers to its staff and prepares to move into a new building.
  • Alternative off disparate on-premise systems promised high capital costs and ongoing maintenance burden while posing a risk to organisational efficiency.


  • NetSuite went live in July 2011 as SAHMRI scaled up its operations, transitioning from an outsourced accounting service and replacing paper—and Excel-based processes with enterprise-class business management.
  • NetSuite selected as a scalable cloud solution to support SAHMRI's rapid growth, with its workforce expanding from 10 people in 2011 to 600 by 2014.
  • NetSuite was a fraction of the $400,000 AUD cost of a competing SAP solution SAHMRI evaluated; NetSuite delivers full enterprise-class functionality with lower long-term operational costs.

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