Satmetrix Cuts Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in IT Spending With the NetSuite Solution





San Mateo, Calif.


Computer Software, Services

Applications Replaced

Siebel, Epicor, Excel



"Our desire for a single, unified enterprise system quickly eliminated all of the other solutions we considered. Everything from information extraction to expense accounting to budgeting has been made easier with NetSuite." Satmetrix

Customer Success

  • Internal IT group reduced by half, saving $240,000 in salaries annually.
  • Advanced billing capabilities replaced discrete spreadsheets, resulting in more accurate billing and compliant revenue recognition.
  • Streamlined purchase order entry, routing, and approval greatly reduced the need for after-the-fact expense approval, providing more predictable budget performance.
  • Customer support data integrated with sales/accounting transactions through NetSuite Customer Center, providing 360-degree visibility into all stages of client lifecycle.


  • Multiple on-premise systems for ERP and CRM activities (Siebel, Epicor, Excel) created integration hassle, limited visibility, costly IT overhead and staffing requirements.
  • Lengthy professional services sales cycles created an acute need for comprehensive sales cycle management.
  • As a services company, Satmetrix required sophisticated revenue recognition support.
  • Senior management created initiative to modernise internal systems, directing Satmetrix to adopt more cloud computing solutions.


  • Satmetrix manages offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Paris, UK, and India through the NetSuite solution.
  • Complete account transparency to reps and managers, including all transaction and invoice history, reducing manual reporting demand on finance staff.
  • NetSuite testing sandbox enables Satmetrix to quickly prototype customisations, then roll out finalised capabilities with confidence.
  • Advanced analytics more powerful and less labour-intensive reporting than Excel.
  • Budgeting significantly more sophisticated at the department level, including fully transparent and automated currency conversions.

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