Sea to Table Scales Its Innovative Fish Distribution Business on NetSuite

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"We can grow as much as we need to with NetSuite." Sea to Table

Customer Success

  • Sea to Table launched its innovative business on the Caribbean island of Tobago on NetSuite in 2005, becoming an early adopter of cloud business management.
  • NetSuite's comprehensive cloud business suite ideally suited for Sea to Table's innovative business model of connecting local fishermen with restaurant chefs and campus dining facilities.
  • Customer base has scaled from small beginnings to more than 600 restaurants and university dining halls in the U.S.
  • NetSuite enables important traceability of all fish caught and sold from two dozen ports spanning from Alaska to the Pacific coast, Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard.
  • Transparency made possible in NetSuite supports principles of accountability and environmental and economic sustainability at Sea to Table, a certified B Corporation.
  • Sea to Table has grown from three to 15 employees since relocating from Tobago to Brooklyn in 2008, utilising NetSuite for end-to-end business processes.
  • "Electronic blackboard" of fresh fish caught and available for next-day FedEx delivery being transitioned from custom website to SuiteCommerce for greater flexibility, with real-time data inputs over smartphones.
  • Sea to Table uses NetSuite Inventory Management to track fish flash-frozen at docks for later resale, with a direct-to-consumer SuiteCommerce storefront in the works.
  • Purchasing and invoicing processes seamlessly automated with ACH electronic payment transactions for both suppliers and customers, minimising manual work.
  • NetSuite CRM supplies a unified customer record for enhanced sales effectiveness, customer support and marketing engagement.


  • Sea to Table required a flexible, powerful cloud system to achieve its vision of connecting fishermen to the market, creating value to fishermen, fisheries and fishing cultures.
  • Company required a transparent business management system to help ensure accountability and align with its principles of environmental and economic sustainability.


  • Sea to Table is among the pioneers in leveraging cloud flexibility to power business innovation with remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • NetSuite selected in 2004 as the business launched on the island of Tobago in 2005, just as Internet access became adequate for cloud business in the Caribbean.
  • Sea to Table became a grantee after its fall 2012 certification as a B Corporation by B Lab, a nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
  • Prebuilt NetSuite integration with FedEx helps speed next-day distribution of daily catch directly from docks to restaurant customers.

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