Italian Software Vendor S.I. Engineering Drives a 20% Net Income Increase in the NetSuite Cloud

S.I. Engineering


S.I. Engineering


Roreto, Italy


Software (CAD/CAM for sheet metal fabrication)

Applications Replaced

Zuchetti Ad Hoc Enterprise, Custom Built Legacy CRM


NetSuite OneWorld
Project Management




Alba, Italy

"The advantages in terms of time savings with NetSuite are both enormous and priceless. Today, we have real-time control over the progress of offers and sales across our integrated markets." S.I. Engineering

Customer Success

  • Fast-growing S.I. Engineering has realised outstanding gains in business efficiency and visibility, contributing to a 20% increase in net income since NetSuite went live in 2012.
  • S.I. Engineering has a scalable cloud platform for an ambitious global growth strategy as it increases its customer base beyond 12,000 machine tool manufacturers across more than a dozen countries.
  • NetSuite OneWorld provides the company with a single, multi-lingual solution spanning from its Italy headquarters to subsidiaries in France, Germany and Poland.
  • S.I. Engineering has the ability to conduct real-time global financial consolidation and reporting across its subsidiaries, supporting better business decisions.
  • NetSuite OneWorld multi-currency conversion capabilities streamline transactions in the Euro, Polish zloty, British pound, Chinese renminbi, Brazilian real, Swiss franc and U.S. dollar.
  • The introduction of NetSuite has freed up time for S.I. Engineering executives and managers to focus on strategic issues, rather than struggling to access data.
  • With NetSuite, S.I. Engineering has discovered new opportunities for operational and financial efficiency that it could not have imagined with its previous solution.
  • NetSuite Recurring Billing automates what was a tedious and error-prone manual process, saving 15 days of work each year.
  • NetSuite CRM and marketing is helping S.I. Engineering drive new cross-sell revenue by better understanding and communicating with customers through sales reps and email campaigns.
  • Streamlined order-to-cash lifecycle has reduced manual data reconciliation, accelerated cash flow and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Previous on-premise systems consisting of basic accounting and a homegrown CRM application lacked the scalability that S.I. Engineering needed to grow the business.
  • S.I. Engineering lacked timely visibility into core business metrics and suffered costly delays in meeting customer needs and reconciling financials.
  • On-premise applications across multiple subsidiaries were difficult to manage and resulted in a lack of standardisation across the company.


  • NetSuite was selected as a leading cloud solution that could support S.I. Engineering's strong growth, such as a 2x increase in diverse product lines since 2008.
  • Implementation by Clustin, a NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteCloud Developer Network partner in Italy, helped ensure rapid time to value and customisation to S.I. Engineering's unique business needs.
  • S.I. Engineering added Clustin's Italian Accounting Localisation (IAL) SuiteApp bundle for accounting functions and regulations specific to Italy.
  • Phase 2 deployment of NetSuite Project Management and Advanced Financials is in progress to broaden efficiency and visibility across multiple departments.

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