NetSuite Helps Solar Power Vendor Uncover $2,000,000 In "Lost" Inventory





Kailua, Hawaii


Warehouse/Distribution, Retail

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, spreadsheets






Honolulu, Hawaii

"NetSuite gives us control over parts, and installer utilisation, that we never had before, so we can grow without fear of losing touch with our business." Sunetric

Customer Success

  • NetSuite helped Sunetric uncover more than $2,000,000 in inventory that had been "lost"—left un-tracked—by the previous system.
  • The company is now growing at more than 200% per year.
  • NetSuite automation helps make it possible for Sunetric's four project coordinators to handle as many as 100 projects a day; without NetSuite, the company estimates it would need six additional coordinators.
  • Sales people can now create detailed ad hoc job-status reports for customers on-site and instantaneously; previously these reports took as much as two hours.
  • Sunetric reduced turnaround time for service calls on complex installations from 2 weeks to 48 hours, and raised customer satisfaction from 78% to 90%.
  • The company has reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 20%.
  • NetSuite real-time project reports help the company maximise resource utilisation by forecasting installer workloads.


  • Solar-power pioneer wanted to take advantage of significant growth opportunities, while maintaining best-in-class status among low-cost, inexperienced competitors.
  • The company wanted to maximise customer satisfaction because 50% of new business is generated through referrals.
  • Sunetric needed strong inventory-management and project-tracking tools because of the complex, custom nature of solar-power installations.


  • NetSuite's cloud ERP architecture makes it easy for on-site sales people and construction managers to check inventory and file reports via laptops or handheld devices.
  • NetSuite also makes it possible for Sunetric to publish weekly, down-to-the-penny job-costing reports.
  • NetSuite partner TurnOnTech performed data migration, configuration, and training services, and conducted one-on-one user interviews for designing role-based dashboards and workflows.

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