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Mexico City, Mexico


Nonprofit, Waste Management, Shipping, Maritime, B Corporation

Applications Replaced:

Microsoft Excel





"With NetSuite, all our information is standardised and available in one place. Now I can know in real-time what is going on in every single port." Tratamiento Ecológico de Residuos (TRAER)

Customer Success

  • NetSuite has given TRAER much greater visibility and control over its collection, recycling and environmentally responsible disposal of fuel sludge waste and garbage collected from cargo ships and cruise vessels.
  • Replacing Excel in early 2011, NetSuite enables TRAER to seamlessly manage waste operations at 12 ports in Mexico and one in Argentina.
  • Time to track and report on operations reduced from as much as a week with previous Excel processes to real-time, on-demand.
  • TRAER has virtually eliminated unproductive manual data management work with a single, integrated cloud solution to handle end-to-end business processes.
  • The B lab certified Corporation has recycled and responsibly disposed of 40,000 tons of fuel sludge waste and 5,000 tons of trash in the past four years; previously responsible waste management was difficult to be traced.
  • Free and discounted licencing through the corporate citizenship programme helps this social enterprise channel resources into its environmental business.
  • NetSuite powers end-to-end sales orders, invoicing and management with 130 customers, including Maersk, MSC, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines.
  • NetSuite provides a scalable platform for TRAER's plans to grow the business 60 percent in the near term, to service 800 ships a year in Mexico.
  • Single, authoritative data source on operations aids compliance with Mexican environmental regulations and International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, MARPOL 73/78.


  • Founded in 2004, TRAER struggled with time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks in Excel to track complex operations and high materials volume at 13 ports.
  • Paper-based invoicing to customers slowed cash flow and introduced high administrative overhead.
  • Company didn't want an IT-heavy environment of on-premise software and servers to manage business processes.


  • After comparison against SAP, TRAER selected NetSuite for greater cloud maturity, ease of use and depth of functionality.
  • On-time, on-budget implementation in early 2011 with training by NetSuite Solution Provider partner NetSoft in Mexico City accelerated time to value.
  • Acceptance into the corporate citizenship programme frees resources to improve operations in a spirit of environmental sustainability.

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