NetSuite OpenAir Helps Consulting Firm Cut Costs While Growing at 40% Yearly

Waugh Infrastructure Management


Waugh Infrastructure Management


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NetSuite OpenAir

"We were growing at a revenue rate of 40% per annum, and at times we actually turned down business due to an inability to properly resource jobs. NetSuite OpenAir did wonders not only for our project delivery but also our client satisfaction. We are now able to run reports immediately and share progress, changes in scope, and issues with our clients." Waugh Infrastructure Management

Customer Success

  • Waugh is now able to handle its growing business, and is saving thousands of dollars annually on increased billable hours.
  • The company estimates that NetSuite OpenAir paid for itself within the first 6 months of operation.
  • NetSuite OpenAir's CRM functionality helps Waugh save $2,000 yearly by replacing the CRM function of
  • NetSuite OpenAir also saves the cost of a full-time employee because it doesn't require administrative overhead.
  • Integration with Waugh's MYOB accounting application has helped the company eliminate redundant data entry.
  • With NetSuite OpenAir, Waugh now has much greater information visibility to assist completing projects on time and on budget.
  • NetSuite OpenAir, with its wide range of reporting and tracking has been an invaluable tool to Waugh as they managed through the challenges and constraints of the global economic recession.


  • Waugh was unable to support 40% yearly growth because of the time and money wasted by poor time- and expense-tracking and spreadsheet-based reporting.
  • The company was losing days of billable time because of inaccurate reporting.
  • Manual data entry was wasting time and had potential to in time and expense tracking.


  • Waugh chose NetSuite OpenAir over products from QuickArrow and Tenrox, among others, and instead of Microsoft Project Server.
  • The company also wanted a vendor with APAC experience, and a product that would be integrated with MYOB.
  • NetSuite OpenAir dashboards provide real-time visibility into accurate data for company managers and consultants.

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