NetSuite Helps IT Distributor Save $200,000 While Supporting Yearly Double-Digit Growth





Sydney, Australia


IT distributor for VARs, specialising in security

Applications Replaced

ACCPAC CRM, spreadsheets



"We're challenged by the need to keep track of complex, multi-level pricing models. NetSuite has helped us turn that challenge into a competitive advantage—offering value to customers." WhiteGold

Customer Success

  • WhiteGold is enjoying double-digit yearly growth, while saving $200,000 yearly over the cost of a comparable server-based.
  • NetSuite's integrated architecture lets WhiteGold assign and track serial numbers for each product's entire lifecycle, which forms the basis of a variety of value-added upsell-resell and proactive maintenance programmes.
  • End-to-end process integration saves $20,000 yearly in customer support costs that would be required for tracking serial numbers manually.
  • WhiteGold's ability to automate its highly complex price-quotation process has reduced average quotation time by 50%, and cut quotation-to-order conversions from more than an hour to just 10 minutes.
  • Quote-to-order automation also helps. WhiteGold deliver a complex new-business quote in well under an hour, beating the industry average of at last 2 hours.
  • Process integration and automation has also helped WhiteGold reduce order-to-cash cycle time by 25%, and accounts receivables debt by 50%. Custom scripting lets WhiteGold track renewal schedules as background tasks, cutting tracking effort by more than 90% over manual methods.
  • NetSuite's inventory management efficiencies help WhiteGold keep product replacement parts in stock to offer next-day service on RMAs, a major competitive differentiator since it typically takes a week or more for other distributors to get replacement parts from vendor stock.


  • Growing IT distributor needed to automate product-tracking, improve cost efficiency in order to build growth by offering value-added support programmes to VAR customers as competitive differentiators.
  • WhiteGold was wasting time and money trying to track complex product and multi-level vendor-pricing matrices, essential to building value-added services, via spreadsheets.
  • Manual quotation and quote-to-order/quote-to-invoice processes were time consuming and risked errors because of complex pricing and configuration issues.


  • WhiteGold chose NetSuite because it integrates all of the company's business processes, from ERP and CRM to accounting and advanced inventory management, and because of its customisation features.
  • NetSuite's ease of customisation has helped WhiteGold create product lifecycle tracking numbers and build automated multi-level pricing schedules to support and simplify a number of added-value services, including end-customer communication programmes and automated renewal programmes for VARs.
  • Tracking end-user renewal dates lets WhiteGold notify the VARs of specific product renewal and upsell-resell. opportunities, and represents a competitive differentiator for WhiteGold among three-tier distributors.
  • WhiteGold managers use NetSuite's role-based dashboards to perform annuity management for the company's Boomerang lifecycle product-tracking programme.

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