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NetSuite SuiteCloud Connect for Salesforce.com

The #1 On-Demand Financial / ERP Software Suite Now Integrates with Salesforce.com

NetSuite for Salesforce.com Integration Partners


Actian is a recognized leader and pioneer in data and application integration. Actian's DataConnect was developed to make integration scalable, frictionless and easy-to-use for organizations of all sizes. This includes: SaaS solution providers, ISV’s, System Integrators, as well as, Corporate Developers and Business Service Providers.


Boomi AtomSphere is a centralised platform that delivers enterprise-grade integration between your NetSuite data, salesforce.com CRM, and Force.com-platform applications, with all of the cost savings benefits you would expect from a SaaS solution.

Boomi AtomSphere offers configurable options to ensure that customer data is accurate and not duplicated, regardless of access point. You can set event-driven triggers and synchronise data in near real-time (as frequently as every one minute) to ensure that you have the right customer information exactly when you need it. And AtomSphere's drag-and-drop interface enables NetSuite power users to design a custom integration process based on your organisation's unique business-process logic and rules.

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Examples of business processes that can be automated in real time between NetSuite and salesforce.com include:

  • Opportunities won to order-generated in NetSuite
  • Opportunities won to invoice in NetSuite
  • Migrate data from legacy systems to NetSuite in batch or at one time
  • Synchronise product catalogs between salesforce. com and NetSuite

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Cast Iron Systems

Cast Iron Systems created a solution specifically for integrating NetSuite with other applications. The Cast Iron Integration Solution for NetSuite is a purpose-built solution that dramatically simplifies NetSuite migration and integration projects and enables you to complete them in days.

Most NetSuite customers need to rapidly migrate data including customer history, financials, orders, inventory, payroll, etc. from legacy applications to be up and running quickly. Customers also need to synchronise this information in real time with other business applications—like MRP, Ecommerce, data warehouses, and custom applications—and exchange information with their business partners. The Cast Iron Integration Solution for NetSuite delivers pre-built connectivity to all major applications and uses a "configuration, not coding" approach to ensure that these projects are implemented in days.

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  • Can be deployed via an on-premise Integration Appliance or the integration-as-a-service Cast Iron Cloud
  • 100% standards-based; no reliance on niche middleware skills
  • Pre-optimised connectivity to NetSuite using SuiteTalk
  • Packaged integration processes (PIPs) between NetSuite and CRM applications for common objects including accounts, products, contacts, etc.
  • Pre-built connectors for all major CRM, Customer Support applications, all major databases, flat-files, Web Services, messaging systems and more

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The Celigo Salesforce-NetSuite Connector provides a streamlined, real-time integration between Salesforce and NetSuite, the industry's leading enterprise SaaS applications, to create a seamless lead-to-cash process and enhanced customer-relationship management (CRM) system.

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Using the Celigo Connector, your company will be able to send sales orders directly from NetSuite to Salesforce in real time. The expanded visibility into NetSuite data from Salesforce allows you to manage your business more effectively and empowers your sales force beyond the capabilities of traditional CRM while still enabling your team to work flexibly and independently.

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Informatica Cloud

With Informatica Cloud, opportunities that close in Salesforce can automatically be created as orders in NetSuite on a real-time basis, and customer satisfaction increases. Account and case information from Salesforce can also be integrated with order history in NetSuite so that all employees within your company have a 360° view of your customer.

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