Minimise Payroll Headaches, Reduce Tedious Paperwork, Get Peace of Mind

If you're still doing payroll yourself, you know that it's a painful and time-consuming process. Processing payroll involves much more than simply distributing regular paychecks. There are many regulations and withholding tables to keep track of and, just when you think you understand them, they change. Then there are taxes, deductions, changes in payroll laws, year-end documentation and more to worry about.

NetSuite Premier Payroll Service is a complete, full-service solution for managing your payroll. We do all the hard work for you, including handling all filings and deposits for federal, state and local jurisdictions. NetSuite Premier Payroll Service minimises payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork and gives you peace of mind with our "No Penalties Guarantee."1 You'll never need to prepare or mail payroll tax forms again. Managing payroll has never been so easy.


Guaranteed Accuracy

We back the accuracy of our payroll service with our "No Penalties Guarantee." Your deposits and filings are accurate and on time—or we pay the penalty.1

Seamless Integration

Complete integration with NetSuite accounting. You'll never need to re-enter payroll data into NetSuite, saving time and minimising data entry errors.

Simple to Use

There are no software programs to download, buy, install or learn to use.

Flexible Options

You can choose one of three convenient ways to pay employees: direct deposit, print checks yourself, or have us print and deliver cheques to you.


End-to-End Payroll Management

Calculate earnings, deductions, company contributions and taxes automatically. Print paychecks, stubs and W-2 forms yourself, sign up for an optional W-2 and paycheck printing service or pay with direct deposit. Enable paperless payroll with online Employee Centre.

Complete Integration with Back-Office Functions

Eliminate the need to re-enter payroll data ensuring payroll accuracy for base and variable compensation—thanks to full integration with NetSuite accounting, commissions and expense management.

Automated Tax Management and Filing

Prepare, print and file W-2 and 1099-MISC forms. Access to all U.S. federal and state tax tables including tables for approximately 10,000 local taxes. Complete all payroll tax forms online, pre-filled with employee and employer data and more.

Comprehensive Payroll Reporting

Access your data online anytime, anywhere, and get standard and customised reports; export data to Excel and other programmes.

1"No Penalties Guarantee." NetSuite guarantees that your payroll taxes will be filed and paid accurately and on time, as long as the information you provide is correct and timely and you have sufficient funds in your account—or we will pay the resulting payroll tax penalties. See details in the Electronic Service Agreement.


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