Description Cost
W-2 Production $4.50 per form,+ postage
1099-MISC Production $4.50 per form, + postage
W-2c (corrections) $10 per form
Service Printed Checks/Direct Deposit vouchers Service Printed Checks/Direct Deposit vouchers
Same Day wire payments $35 per wire
Wires to fund payroll $35 per wire
Payroll Funding Refund (wired) $35 per wire
Payroll funding failure $150 First occurrence under $50,000
$250 First occurrence over $50,000
$250 Second occurrence under $50,000
$350 Second occurrence over $50,000
$350 Third occurrence under $50,000
$500 Third occurrence over $50,000
Stop Payment on Service Printed Check $10 per check
Corrected Tax Returns (Amendments) $75 per jurisdiction
$125 per annual return
Direct Deposit returned items and corrections $5 per occurrence
Manually process corrected tax returns $275 per federal deposit
$25 per state deposit
Applied for ID numbers (after 30 days) $40 per applied for ID
Agency Inquiry Response (client error only) $75 per notice response
Copies of quarterly reconciliation packages $30 per copy
Late Receipt of Tax Funds $35 per occurrence, plus interest
Positive Pay Exception (early check cashing) $15 per occurrence
Stale Dated Service Printed Check Void $3 per check over 180 days old
Service Printed Check batch or file reversal $40 per reversal
Direct Deposit Reversal $10 per reversal
Quarterly Trust Maintenance Fee $25 per quarter
No Payroll Process Filing (Zero Returns) $35 per quarter
Mid Quarter Termination Reconciliation $100
Amendment Expedite $250
SSA/IRS W-2 Out of Balance Inquiry $125
Accelerated W-2s / related filings $100 + normal fees
Agency Registration Service $250 per jurisdiction