Course Objective

Elevate your sales to new heights with NetSuite's omnichannel commerce solution, SuiteCommerce Advanced.

In this three-day SuiteCommerce Advanced: Fundamentals course, you will learn how to effectively set up, configure and manage a SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) web store by first examining how your back-end ERP feature configuration impacts the user experience of your SCA web store. You will then learn about the benefits of an omnichannel commerce solution and how SCA leverages NetSuite's single, unified platform to provide a seamless, integrated online purchasing experience.

As part of this course, you will complete several hands-on exercises that guide you through the configuration of a SCA web store. You will also practice performing key day-to-day tasks of supporting B2B and B2C business operations. By the end of this course, you will be able to manage all aspects of your SCA web store's setup as well as complete ecommerce tasks related to order, item and category management, product merchandising, website content management and search engine optimisation.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Are a NetSuite administrator who needs to implement and manage SuiteCommerce Advanced web stores.
  • Are a product merchandiser, marketing manager or content manager who needs to set up promotions and generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Are a software developer who needs to understand NetSuite's back-end ERP and ecommerce processes to support SuiteCommerce Advanced web store implementations.

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Configure the necessary settings in the Web Site Setup record to host a SCA web store?
  • Configure my web store to support common B2B and B2C use cases using the SCA Shopping, Checkout and My Account applications?
  • Configure order management processes, such as shipping, inventory, out-of-stock behaviour and billing?
  • Create inventory, drop-ship, and gift certificate items, create item options, configure item images and specify pricing?
  • Create web store promotions, configure related and correlated items, faceted navigation, and configure product search, filter and sorting criteria?
  • Manage web store content using Site Management Tools, configure merchandising rules and support multi-language web stores?
  • Optimise search engine optimisation (SEO) using URL components, ALT image tags, meta tags and the SEO Page Generator?
  • Configure and manage commerce categories to facilitate item searching, filtering and product display in the web store?
  • Apply site customisation properties to enhance the web store user experience using the SuiteCommerce Configuration SuiteApp?

Duration: 3 days
Price: $2,400 USD

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