Surviving the
Amazon Effect

Amazon’s recent move to B2B procurement, with the launch of the Amazon Business platform, is having a profound impact on the distribution and manufacturing industries. Whether or not you compete directly with Amazon at present, its disruption of the B2B market is unavoidable. Amazon’s expertise in customer experience has already shaped the expectations of today’s B2C consumer, and it is this purchasing experience that is now expected by the B2B buyer. Amazon’s move to B2B paired with its customer experience expertise poses as a threat to distributors and manufacturers who are not preparing to compete by providing this same customer experience. Below are a series of resources to support you in building your strategy for surviving in the age of Amazon.

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Secrets to Surviving in The Amazon Era

Amazon Business Webinar Series

Join our on-going webinar series as we explore the evolving influence Amazon Business is having on your industry.

Amazon Business: Friend or Foe?

In part one of this series, we are joined by Steven Barr, MD of EDGE Digital Manufacturing, and Alastair Edwards, Chief Analyst at Canalys, as we explore what Amazon Business is, the highs and lows of its influence over your industry and share our top tips on what you can do to ensure your business survives in this changing market.

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Your Guides to Competing in the Amazon Era

For more insights and top tips on surviving the Amazon effect, download our useful guides.

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