Lovesac Marries Visibility, Efficiency and Growth with NetSuite

Lovesac’s hard-earned success from a garage start-up to a revolutionary furniture designer and manufacturer was threatened by process inefficiencies and poor visibility locked inside a Microsoft legacy environment. The company desired a cloud-based solution that would deliver a single view of all customer, order and inventory data to enable a superior and seamless, omnichannel experience across in-store, online and call centre touchpoints and that could scale to significant increases in market demand.




Stamford, Conn.






Microsoft Dynamics GP, Proprietary Systems

Netsuite Products Implemented

NetSuite ERP
Order Management
SuiteCommerce InStore

“We use NetSuite to deliver a holistic, omnichannel experience that drives customer satisfaction and repeat business while streamlining our operational business processes.” Lovesac

Technology Changes the Game


Cloud platform, unified solution

With a cloud-based, unified solution from the back office to point of sale (POS), Lovesac delivers rich functionality and real-time visibility of all customer, order and inventory data to its Stamford, Conn. headquarters and across it’s more than 70 showrooms. NetSuite also enables Lovesac to readily implement custom workflows to support unique operational and financial processes.


Transformation from foundation to front line

Lovesac transformed its operations to continue its 50 percent, year-over-year revenue growth. NetSuite optimises inventory and order management, while store associates get real-time visibility into customer, order and inventory information to deliver a quality and personalised experience.


Scalability with insight

Lovesac is moving forward with new insights into key financial, operational and customer metrics to support informed and data-driven business decisions. With dramatically improved end-to-end processes, Lovesac is equipped to continue on its path of phenomonal revenue growth.


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