Multi-Channel Retailer Drives Growth with Unified Ecommerce and In-Store POS Solution

Patriot Outfitters


Patriot Outfitters


Topeka, KS



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, custom-built web store


NetSuite Site Builder
Inventory Management
Order Management

“The real-time information we have with NetSuite gives us 360 degrees of visibility across all of our channels, allowing us to provide exceptional customer service to our military and civilian customers, holding true to our mission statement: 'We support our troops, every day.' We really feel NetSuite is the top, best-in-class solution, head and shoulders above the competition.” Patriot Outfitters

Customer Success

  • Patriot Outfitters has gained breakthrough efficiencies with a unified NetSuite solution for financials, inventory, ecommerce and retail point of sale (POS).
  • End-to-end commerce system supports rapid growth for multi-channel retailer of tactical gear, improving decision-making and customer relationships.
  • NetSuite POS processes transactions and captures customer data in 22 physical stores across 10 states while simultaneously delivering the ability to view cross-channel inventory and customer purchase history.
  • Time to manage B2C and B2B websites cut in half with ability to simultaneously publish content and images to both sites from a single SuiteCommerce instance.
  • SuiteCommerce powers password-protected storefront for active military personnel, helping build relationships and repeat business.
  • NetSuite CRM supports call centre sales, enabling agents to provide fast, accurate customer service with on-demand access to data.
  • Ecommerce order management process is streamlined and seamless, supporting fast and accurate fulfilment with real-time financials reconciliation.
  • Demand planning helps the company optimise inventory, avoiding costly stock-outs and rush orders across its inventory of about 30,000 SKUs.
  • Real-time visibility into inventory on hand across 22 stores and in the warehouse helps ensure adequate stock and customer satisfaction.
  • NetSuite streamlines business with 200+ suppliers and enables strong management of central warehouse.


  • Standalone on-premise applications for financials, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar POS sales were inefficient and not scalable, sapping productivity and limiting growth.
  • Patriot Outfitters lacked visibility into customer activity across channels and into inventory on hand across multiple locations.
  • Ecommerce efficiency suffered with the need to manage separate product databases and transactions for web.


  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce and NetSuite POS selected to power multi-channel sales with a unified platform and single source for customer, inventory and financial data.
  • SuiteCommerce supports an attractive, richly functional web storefront with product reviews and other features that drive traffic, time on site and sales.
  • Cloud-based solution enables Patriot Outfitters to avoid the time and cost required to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot disparate on-premise systems.

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