Australian Software Company Reduces Internal Email by 65% with NetSuite OneWorld





Sydney, Australia



Applications Replaced

Microsoft SharePoint, MYOB and proprietary CRM


NetSuite OneWorld

"With over five sites, and a high proportion of remote staff, we're able to connect from anywhere with NetSuite. The dividends are ongoing and we are always improving the way the team use the system." Priava

Customer Success

  • Reduction of internal email by 65%, a fundamental shift in way project teams collaborate.
  • 32% employee efficiency gain, including time previously spent performing software updates and general system support.
  • Management team saving significant time thanks to real-time reporting and KPIs on dashboards.


  • Growth required need to resolve fragmented systems across business units, branches and subsidiaries.
  • Needed to make internal collaboration more efficient and reduce the volume of email.


  • Switched from Microsoft SharePoint, MYOB and a proprietary product used to manage CRM and customers.
  • Implemented NetSuite OneWorld in a staged implementation, rolling out to all 5 subsidiaries.
  • Using NetSuite for financials, project management, development, and CRM including customer support, sales and marketing.

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