LeanLogistics Integrates with NetSuite to Offer TMS to Mid-Market Customers
Multi-national company provides logistical efficiencies to supply chain organisations

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Industry: Transportation Management Systems

Transportation management systems (TMS) were virtually unheard of just 10 years ago. Now they're a critical technological component of the supply chain management process.

TMS was first adopted by large customers with shipping expenses that ranged in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Those bigger companies were also the only ones that could afford the price tag for the relatively unknown technology. For small and mid-market organisations, solutions had to be developed in-house and at an often prohibitive cost. But as the marketplace has evolved to a SaaS model, TMS solutions have become scalable. Now mid-market companies are looking to capitalise on the strengths of TMS, because they suffer the same pain points as larger organisations.

LeanLogistics was founded in 1999 by experienced logistics and transportation veterans with a shared vision of leveraging SaaS technology to optimise supply chain processes. LeanLogistics serves companies that make, distribute (import/export) or sell products, including the manufacturing, retail and distribution industries. Typical customers are over $25 million in revenue with a mixture of truck, rail, ocean and parcel shipments. Most of their clients are Global 1000 companies.

In 2010, the company began looking at ways to enter the mid-market, recognising the TMS opportunities for medium-sized enterprise were underserved. LeanLogistics reached out to NetSuite to begin discussions about integrating their products and offering solutions. For NetSuite, a proposed benefit was as the company migrated up in market, demand from the NetSuite sales force for solutions like LeanLogistics would increase.

Partnership Enables NetSuite Customers to Improve Visibility, Services and ROI

LeanLogistics became a NetSuite SDN partner in February 2012 as a way to approach mid-market businesses while providing NetSuite customers access to world-class transportation technologies. Organisations in this segment struggled with three core issues:

  • Lack of shipment data
  • Delayed shipments
  • High costs

LeanLogistics' deep integration in the NetSuite platform provides customers with transportation technologies that solve these issues, enabling them to complete the supply chain process while complementing NetSuite's ERP product offering.

  • NetSuite customers gain full visibility of shipment data as well as a platform to work with external partners, like carriers and suppliers, on shipments within a single system integrated from point of orders within the NetSuite ERP
  • NetSuite customers realise improved services, seeing an increase in the percentage of on-time shipments
  • NetSuite customers achieve reduced costs because the improved tracking and visibility lead to better management decisions, including implementation of automated processes.

"LeanLogistics has leveled the playing field," said Mike Joseph, Director of Business Development, LeanLogistics. "Our SaaS model, like NetSuite's, is successful because it's scalable based on the size of the organisation."

Synergies in SaaS Models Lead to High Customer Satisfaction

The similar SaaS models used by NetSuite and LeanLogistics have led to great synergies in technology, delivery, development and deployment. NetSuite customers benefit from transportation technology that completes the order to shipment process; LeanLogistics successfully complements NetSuite's ERP product offering. Because of LeanLogistics' deep integration in NetSuite, solutions are delivered rapidly, which enables both companies to outmaneuver competitors.

The companies also share similar cultures. "Both NetSuite and LeanLogistics champion innovative technology, are growing quickly, and maintain a deep focus on customer satisfaction," said Joseph.

"LeanLogistics' solutions are a perfect fit with the ERP and CRM NetSuite provides," said Vikki Brown, Director of Marketing, LeanLogistics. "The partnership provides tremendous growth opportunities for NetSuite customers."

About LeanLogistics

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of transportation software and supply chain services enabled by the industry's largest transportation network. The LeanLogistics Transportation Network empowers shippers, carriers and other members to reduce costs, improve services, and gain complete visibility. The company has offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain. For more information, visit www.leanlogistics.com(opens in new tab).