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NetSuite SuiteCloud Connect for Salesforce.com

Complete Lead-To-Cash Integration that Powers Your Financial Performance

Seamless Financials Integration with Salesforce.com to Streamline Your Lead-to-Cash Process

NetSuite Financials integrates with Salesforce.com to provide your organisation with a totally seamless lead-to-cash process that improves cash flow, eliminates manual order entry and reduces order errors.

With NetSuite's SuiteCloud Connect for Salesforce.com integration, you can create quotes or sales orders in NetSuite in real time, directly from Salesforce.com. And your sales force gains capabilities beyond traditional CRM, with expanded visibility into detailed NetSuite fulfilment and invoicing information directly from within Salesforce.


  • Quickly and easily integrate the #1 cloud financial/ERP solution with Salesforce CRM
  • Streamline your lead-to-cash process and accelerate cash flow with seamless flow through from SFA to financials
  • Eliminate tedious manual entry and needless errors from the sales order entry process
  • Ensure timely and accurate sales quotes based on key information sourced directly from NetSuite Financials
  • Improve customer service by providing sales teams with real-time back-office visibility into orders, fulfilment, billing information and much more.

Key Features

Quickly and Easily Create Accurate Sales Quotes

  • Ensure timely and accurate sales quotes with real-time quote management integration between NetSuite Financials and Salesforce.com
  • Create a quote from NetSuite in real time by simply clicking a quote button in Salesforce, and even create multiple quotes from a single opportunity
  • Automatically create a custom quote object in Salesforce, along with a PDF of the quote, enabling sales reps to email it directly from within Salesforce
  • Manage quotes at line-item level discounts, subscription terms and more.

Easily Integrate Sales Orders with NetSuite

  • Create a sales order in NetSuite Financials from a Salesforce.com opportunity with a single click
  • Generate a sales order in NetSuite in real time with a simple sales order button within Salesforce
  • Configure Salesforce opportunity changes to automatically update NetSuite orders.

Synchronise Customers, Contacts, Products and Pricing

  • Give your sales force the most current product and pricing information, with updates propagated instantly from NetSuite to Salesforce
  • Convert price levels in NetSuite into Salesforce Price Books, providing your sales force with complete pricing options
  • Ensure smooth, precise processing of opportunities, quotes and orders by enabling departments to use the same product catalog
  • Synch up related account and contacts from Salesforce automatically as needed.

Provide Sales with Back-Office Visibility from within Salesforce

  • Enables sales reps to monitor orders as they move through fulfilment and billing, directly from within Salesforce.com
  • Monitor in real time subsequent related customer financial transactions such as payments, credits and refunds, and access the latest account financials
  • Track past-due invoices, accounts with credit holds and the status of credit refunds
  • Better manage the entire customer relationship beyond the original sale, increasing profitability, customer satisfaction and customer retention with extended visibility from Salesforce into NetSuite.

Monitor Synchronisation between NetSuite and Salesforce

  • Ensure accuracy with monitoring and integration activity logged directly inside NetSuite, with the ability to specify summary or detailed logging
  • Drill down into detailed logging at the record level, with the ability to click through from the summary
  • Continuously monitor synchronisation with a custom dashboard with portlets, KPIs, meters and graphs installed out of the box.
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