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North America's fastest growing software company launches in Japan

Former Microsoft Board Member and Head of Business Solutions Division Appointed President of NetSuite Japan

NetSuite Announces Japanese Version Product Availability

TOKYO and San Mateo, Calif.—March 8, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the world leader in on-demand business management software, today announced the establishment of NetSuite K.K., a wholly-owned subsidiary with exclusive rights to NetSuite's award-winning products in Japan. The company also appointed industry veteran Takahiko Higashi, formerly of Microsoft Japan, as president of NetSuite K.K. In addition, the company announced the availability of its first Japanese products and released the names of key customer wins. For more information about NetSuite's Japan operations, please visit:

NetSuite, a pioneer in the Software as Service (SaaS) market, was founded in 1998 by Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation and NetSuite's Chief Technology Officer, Evan Goldberg. Mr. Ellison's and Mr. Goldberg's visionary strategy to create NetSuite — an on-demand integrated suite of applications encompassing ERP, CRM and Ecommerce — has established a new class of business applications. The success of this strategy is evident in the company's growth: NetSuite was recently named the fastest growing business software company in North America by Deloitte. Mr Ellison remains a majority shareholder. Other significant investors include New York-based Starvest Partners and Philadelphia-based Cross Atlantic Partners.

NetSuite Japan will be headed by Takahiko Higashi. Mr. Higashi joins NetSuite from Microsoft where he was most recently a Board member of Microsoft Japan. Mr. Higashi held various senior posts at Microsoft Japan including Senior Officer of Corporate Strategy; and Director, Business Solution Group, Microsoft Japan. Prior to his 12-year tenure at Microsoft, Higashi was General Manager of Marketing and Corporate Strategy at Net One Systems, one of Japan's largest systems integrators. He graduated from the Engineering Faculty of Kyoto University.

"The fact that we have major customers here even before opening an office shows the need for integrated, on-demand software in Japan," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "Because NetSuite's offerings provide the power of an SAP-like offering without all the pain and cost, we expect great success around the globe."

"NetSuite is the leading integrated SaaS business application, and bringing it to Japan is an enormous opportunity," said Takahiko Higashi, President of NetSuite Japan. "In addition to our integrated on-demand CRM and ERP solution, bringing NetSuite's ecommerce capabilities to the Japanese market will be groundbreaking."

NetSuite has thousands of customers using its on-demand business suite to bring together back-office, front-office and ecommerce in a single application. Businesses in Japan also benefit from the integrated suite and are using it for applications from tying together Japanese manufacturing to U.S. sales and distribution, to integrating ecommerce with other channels. Examples of NetSuite customers in Japan include:

AZORA Technologies, K.K. (Software Industry):
AZORA Technologies, K.K. uses NetSuite for managing its front- and back-office in multiple countries, benefiting from NetSuite's CRM, ERP and Ecommerce all in one application. "The No. 1 benefit of NetSuite is having the CRM, accounting and ecommerce all in one single place," said Brian Itow, Executive Vice President of AZORA Technologies, K.K. (, based in Tokyo with offices in India, Korea, and the U.S. "NetSuite's multi-lingual capabilities are very beneficial as well, as we have Japanese and English speakers working in the same office."

Qahwa, Ltd. (Wholesale Distribution Industry):
Qahwa, the exclusive distributor of Moleskine notebooks in Asia, uses NetSuite's integrated solutions to run all its business operations, and to host and manage its popular website and webstore. "Without NetSuite, we would have had to buy a specialised bookstore-distributor application and a robust ecommerce solution, which was way beyond our budget," says Go Urano, co-founder of Tokyo-based Qahwa Ltd. ( "Now, despite being smaller than some of our competition, we can operate more efficiently than the largest book distributors in Japan."

Meyer Asset Management (Financial Services Industry):
Meyer Asset Management is a large money management company headquartered in Tokyo with offices throughout Asia. "With NetSuite, we can access all our sales and client information while we are onsite with a client, while working from home, or from anywhere in the world," said Richard Cayne, Managing Director, Meyer Asset Management ( "We've been telling others about NetSuite and feel it has a very bright future here in Japan."

Pricing and Availability in Japan
NetSuite's product offerings available in Japan include: NetSuite, NetSuite Small Business, NetSuite CRM, and NetSuite CRM+. For pricing information please contact: +81-3-3409-5580


NetSuite's Japan office is located at:

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Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Telephone: +81-3-3409-5580
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