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NetSuite announces Order Management for Magento, enabling Magento enterprise edition users to deliver omnichannel commerce

NetSuite Delivers Next-Generation Cloud Order Management Solution for Magento to Power Greater Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

IRCE 2013, CHICAGO, Ill.—June 4, 2013—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced the availability of NetSuite Order Management for Magento, a next-generation cloud-based order management solution to enable Magento Enterprise Edition users using the Magento Commerce platform as a front-end system, to meet customer demands for a unified, omnichannel commerce experience that can only be found in NetSuite. NetSuite's cloud-based order management solution gives Magento Enterprise Edition users a myriad set of robust functionality to streamline the complete order management lifecycle, from order receipt, to shipment and financial settlement.

With NetSuite Order Management and the Magento Ecommerce platform, users can now eliminate manual order processing, enhance internal efficiency, improve fulfillment speed and accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction. Some of the many joint customers that are reaping these benefits include Roku, Blinc, LifeProof, TreeFrog Development, Design for Health, Finis Europe, Aero Design, Live Superfoods,, and Anzic Records. For more information about NetSuite Order Management, please visit

NetSuite Order Management for Magento delivers a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that is easily integrated with the Magento Commerce platform. Magento users no longer need to rely on custom-built applications or resort to lower-end or on-premise order management systems that lack functionality and are difficult to manage and maintain. NetSuite Order Management for Magento delivers a full suite of superior functionality including:

  • A complete cloud ERP suite to enable end-to-end business processes—inventory management, demand planning, purchasing management, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing promotions, and financials—required for efficient and frictionless omnichannel commerce.
  • A complete in-store point-of-sale (POS) system offering an omnichannel experience, tying Magento websites to brick and mortar locations to provide shoppers with a unified buying experience and merchants with a single system to manage all their sales channels.
  • A common order management system that supports true omnichannel commerce across multiple channels such as online, point-of-sale (POS), and call center.
  • Real-time, multi-location inventory management and complete order lifecycle management, including continuity and fraud scoring.
  • The industry's leading cloud order management platform, supporting multi-national, multi-tax, multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language environments.
  • A cloud order management system that intelligently routes orders to a distribution center or a retail store to balance inventory and/or reduce shipping time or cost—whatever is most appropriate to its business.
  • The ability to offer buy online, pick-up in store, return in store, through a single, unified solution that manages and coordinates inventory and returns.

The integration between NetSuite Order Management and Magento can be achieved with NetSuite system integrators, solution providers and/or the SuiteCloud Developer Network. For example, NetSuite integration partner, Celigo, leverages the NetSuite SuiteCloud, a multi-tenant cloud platform that provides the core infrastructure, including support for industrial-strength standards of high availability, disaster recovery and security as well as an integrated development environment and APIs, to build innovative applications on the platform.

"Businesses trying to move toward an omnichannel environment are painfully aware of the challenges of managing orders over disparate channels with a set of siloed applications," said Andy Lloyd, NetSuite General Manager of Commerce Products. "NetSuite Order Management gives Magento users the ability to leverage order management as a competitive advantage while supporting the flawless order execution and ongoing visibility that is difficult to achieve through previous generation technologies."

NetSuite Order Management, developed for more than a decade, is in use within thousands of B2B and B2C Ecommerce, distribution and manufacturing companies around the world where it is a critical component of their omnichannel commerce environments. When combined with the power of the SuiteCloud platform, NetSuite Order Management allows customers to capitalise on the native capabilities of the system while customizing it to their unique needs.

Order management is a core capability in the NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform, which combines a state-of-the-art web storefront with a central system to manage all B2C and B2B transactions across multiple touchpoints, including websites, smartphones, tablets, social media and physical point-of-sale (POS). While SuiteCommerce provides an Ecommerce webstore as part of a unified omnichannel commerce solution, customers that are struggling with the complexities of today's cross-channel consumers, can leverage NetSuite's order management capabilities to streamline the full order management lifecycle with such functionality as:

Multi-location inventory management. NetSuite enables warehouse and shipping optimization so that, for example, merchants can ship from a retail store or warehouse nearest the customer to minimise shipping costs. Users can define business logic by various criteria, e.g., ship from Minneapolis for orders from the Midwest, but if inventory at the Minneapolis warehouse falls below five SKUs, ship from Miami. Because NetSuite functions across Ecommerce, physical store and call center channels, merchants can manage orders based on inventory in non-Ecommerce locations.

Automated and customizable approval management. NetSuite automates order approval while allowing users to define exceptions, such as a manual review of orders over $500 that are coming from first-time customers and are shipping overseas. This dramatically improves efficiency over manual approval processes while providing essential anti-fraud controls.

Advanced pick, pack and ship. Robust lot and bin management improves efficiency by tracking the location of goods within a warehouse, while prebuilt integrations with FedEx, UPS and USPS and automated shipping label generation, accelerates processes. NetSuite fully supports drop shipments by manufacturers or distributors and accommodates special orders, e.g., a manufacturer ships to a merchant, which ships to the customer.

Real-time inventory monitoring. With NetSuite Order Management, merchants can monitor inventory availability across multiple locations anytime, from anywhere, and display to customers over the web, inventory availability, either through the Ecommerce channel or in a specific physical store.

Demand planning. NetSuite supplies sophisticated demand planning capabilities to enable merchants to optimise inventory levels based on sales history or sales forecasting, minimising the risk of costly stockouts or overstocked goods while streamlining replenishment.


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