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New NetSuite ecommerce cloud platform adds search engine marketing solution from KENSHOOTM

Combination of NetSuite and KENSHOO Creates First End-to-End Search Engine Marketing Solution to Automate Spending Based on Precise Profitability Goals

SAN MATEO, Calif. and Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, IL,—June 9, 2010—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing business software suites, and KENSHOO, a global innovator in search engine marketing (SEM) technology, today announced the integration of NetSuite’s Ecommerce platform with KENSHOO Search™. This combination creates the world’s most advanced solution for end-to-end SEM, helping merchants boost profits, optimise marketing budgets, and improve their return on investment (ROI).

Advertisers looking to optimise their ROI from SEM will be drawn to the unique closed-loop campaign management enabled by the combination of NetSuite and KENSHOO Search. This new approach, the most complete SEM solution available today and the first cloud computing implementation of its kind, goes beyond backward-looking analytics to incorporate real-time campaign automation and support for business goals, such as revenue maximisation or inventory clearing.

Based on these defined goals, KENSHOO technology automatically bids on search engine terms that will support the desired results. Instead of relying on intuition, guesswork, and stale reporting to guide your SEM campaigns, NetSuite empowers Ecommerce marketing managers to set goals around profitability, revenue, inventory levels, and exposure, and allows KENSHOO to optimise budgets and individual campaign cost per click (CPC) levels to meet those goals.

"Marketers are increasingly held accountable for tangible results that support business goals," said Baruch Goldwasser, NetSuite Director of Ecommerce. "With this solution, NetSuite offers both the tactical capabilities to create objective-based campaigns, and the tools to automatically optimise the campaigns to meet those results."

NetSuite’s end-to-end SEM delivers the following capabilities:

  • Goal-driven results, including support for profitability, revenue, inventory, and exposure targets
  • Automatically optimised keyword spends based on goals
  • Real-time campaign management
  • Full integration with CRM data, including customer purchase history and lifetime revenue across all channels
  • Dashboard reporting and full campaign profitability analysis

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