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NetSuite’s cloud computing platform enables the “green economy”

Special Promotion for Alternative Energy Companies Provides 50% Off First-Year NetSuite Subscription Fees

SAN MATEO, Calif.—July 15, 2009—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites, today announced a special sales program that makes it easy and cost effective for companies focused on energy-saving "green" technologies and business models to acquire NetSuite's software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ecommerce. The new program, which features a first-year 50% discount on the company's full on-demand business suite, is a key part of NetSuite's ongoing effort to enable the "green economy" by recognizing and supporting progressive-minded organisations that want to move their key business computing resources to NetSuite's energy-efficient cloud computing infrastructure.

organisations that can show proof of membership in associations such as the Solar Industries Association, Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, American Wind Energy Association, U.S. Green Building Council, or other "green" associations are eligible to receive a 50% discount off NetSuite's first-year subscription fees for all users. The offer is active until December 31, 2009. Current NetSuite customers signing up under the promotion will receive a 10% renewal price cap for subsequent years. Because NetSuite manages enterprise software systems in a centralized, highly secure datacenter, customers need not replicate a costly, energy-hungry datacenter environment of their own. By vastly reducing the need for servers and support equipment, such as server room air conditioning, the average NetSuite customer can cut its electricity bill by more than $10,000 per year. When added to the overall costs of hardware, software licenses, maintenance, personnel and occupancy, cost reductions can exceed $100,000 per year. A recent study by third-party consultant Greenspace determined that NetSuite's shared SaaS architecture last year saved its customers more than $61 million in energy bills. Please see the accompanying press release at

Many companies are already capitalizing on the green benefits of NetSuite's cloud computing platform. These companies include:

  • ZENN Motor Company (, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is positioning itself to be the global leader in zero-emission transportation solutions around the world. The flagship ZENN (Zero Emissions, No Noise) car is designed to supplant high-pollution, 20 th century technologies with new and innovative designs—just like NetSuite. ZENN Motor has relied on NetSuite for years to provide a consistent and ecologically sound platform for growth. "After three years of using NetSuite we are very pleased with its stability and with the technical support team, who always helps us out," said Larry Schreiner, ZENN Motor Company CFO. "With NetSuite we're now emailing all our invoices, which saves us paper, toner, and the time and hassle of dealing with the printer. It really is helping our entire company become more efficient."
  • Ozone Solutions (, based in Hull, Iowa, is the largest online distributor of ozone equipment, often used as an environmentally sound alternative in industrial fields such as fire restoration, cooling, soil remediation, and food processing. NetSuite has helped Ozone Solutions virtually eliminate the use of paper company-wide. "NetSuite has given us 100% electronic communications between our front office operations and the back office, reducing 90% of our paper production and waste," says Scott Postma, VP of Engineering at Ozone Solutions.
  • YUDU Media (, located in London and Boston, MA, is an award-winning provider of innovative digital publishing solutions for magazines, newspapers, catalogues and books, offering customers all over the world the greener alternative to printed publications. The YUDU Publishing system was designed so that each publication has the lowest possible electronic footprint, whilst maintaining the highest quality viewing experience. YUDU came on board with NetSuite in 2007 and uses it for payments and invoices, marketing, and other functionality. "We pride ourselves on being carbon neutral yet we can only do this with the help of other environmentally conscious companies such as NetSuite," said Lisa Moore, Marketing Manager, YUDU. "The company has assisted us hugely by reducing our need for offline administration. We now e-mail all our invoices to clients, which is especially good as many of them are based overseas. Also our payment gateway centre is run through NetSuite via WorldPay. NetSuite is very much on our wavelength, not just with its technology, but also with its firm commitment to the environment."
  • Eco-Bags (, based in Ossining, New York, sells customizable and reusable bags and bottles to Earth-friendly customers. NetSuite's focus on shared resources and strategic re-use is a perfect fit for the company, which emphasizes durable and sustainable products over mass quantities of disposable containers. "Since using NetSuite, has grown exponentially by saving on cost and resources—and our business is all about reducing waste!" says Sharon Rowe, Eco-Bags CEO. "NetSuite's integrated platform helps us reduce the need to rely on multiple, unneeded systems. And with NetSuite all of our warehouses receive our orders electronically—making our business faster and more energy efficient."
  • ProSoap (, based in Rockwall, Texas, has for over 30 years been manufacturing and distributing powerful, biodegradable hand cleaners to "working hands" businesses such as machine shops, auto repair professionals, hospitals, and mines. The company delivers effective, environmentally sound solutions to its customers—making NetSuite a perfect fit. "Not having servers onsite in Texas, where it can take a lot of air conditioning equipment to keep them at a cool temperature, is saving us a lot in energy costs," says Billy Self, President of ProSoap. "We also have become a virtually paperless office. Previously we were going through a ream of paper every two days. Now we go through one every three weeks. The only paper we go through is with customers who don't have a fax or email."


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