B2B Ecommerce

SuiteCommerce gives B2B businesses the robust capabilities expected of an enterprise-class B2B ecommerce platform, including the ability to provide the same easy and information-rich shopping experience as a B2C website. With SuiteCommerce, ecommerce is seamlessly integrated with your back-end operational systems, including order management, ERP and CRM. Support web stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, bricks-and-mortar stores and channel partners all from a single platform. NetSuite’s B2B ecommerce solution will enable your company to pursue new revenue opportunities, attract and service new customers and transform a slow-growth offline business into a high-growth multichannel enterprise.

Engaging Shopping Experiences

Provide uniquely branded, highly personalised and engaging B2C-like shopping experiences that will drive conversion and grow your business with capabilities such as dynamic product imaging, zooms, alternate images, quick views, product comparisons and more.

  • Grow your online community, cultivate brand evangelists and improve SEO with ratings and reviews.
  • Increase user engagement by allowing shoppers to share on popular social networks.
  • Show real-time inventory data on your site.

Optimised Buying & Selling

Provide the tools needed for buying efficiency, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities. Marry the supply side with the buy side through integration with vendors, distributors, and manufacturing entities, all within the same system. Online orders automatically convert to invoices with workflow management of approval, fulfilment and billing.

  • Give customers their own negotiated prices, terms and credit limits.
  • Support organisational requirements such as multiple roles, delegated user administration and organisation-specific workflows.
  • Provide B2B payment methods such as invoice billing, credit limits and ACH processing.
  • Connect your product catalogues directly to your customers’ e-procurement system with punch-out capabilities (via third-party connectors).


Having a solid B2B mobile strategy is critical to your ongoing commerce success. Using responsive design principles, your site automatically adjusts screen sizes and capabilities to different devices – computers, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Better enable field sales teams with the use of mobile devices.
  • Create content only one time and have it automatically adapt to the format of any device.

Password-Protected Content

Password protect all or a portion of the site to restrict access to authorised customers and partners.

  • Create customer-specific catalogues.
  • Limit who can view content and pricing on your site.

Real-Time Customer Service

Provide your customers with a password-protected, self-service customer centre to manage all aspects of their business with you. They’ll be able to access their order history and details of every sales order, view order status, track shipments, reorder, and update shipping and payment information.

  • Review and approve quotes.
  • Pay outstanding invoices.
  • Request returns and refunds.

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