Totally Flexible Ecommerce Platform

The SuiteCommerce platform lets you fully customise your ecommerce solution to enhance customer shopping experiences and adapt to the ever-changing forces shaping your company. The service-oriented architecture of the SuiteCommerce platform lets you write JSON services and build engaging client applications. Both client-side and server-side code can be written entirely in JavaScript using your favorite IDE.

Key Benefits

  • Customise and extend the SuiteCommerce platform using custom records and fields
  • Reach more customers on more types of devices through responsive design
  • Write client-side and server-side JavaScript
  • Cut the cost and time of development with SuiteCommerce reference applications and APIs
  • Access all the backend data such as, item catalogue, shopping history and recommendations, to deliver personalised shopping experiences.

SuiteCommerce Development Platform

With SuiteCommerce, develop rich and engaging online experiences quickly and easily so you can continually innovate and adapt your ecommerce web site as fast as your business and customers demand.

Server Side

The SuiteCommerce platform provides two levels of ecommerce APIs: Commerce APIs and SuiteScript APIs.

Commerce APIs

Commerce APIs provide the full functionality needed to build powerful and custom shopping experiences.

SuiteScript APIs

SuiteScript APIs provide lower-level functionality than the Commerce APIs. With SuiteScript APIs you can create, read, update and delete native NetSuite (i.e. Customer) records or custom records.


Similar to writing Java Servlets or a Node.js HTTP server, the SuiteCommerce platform supports writing HTTP request handlers (custom services). In addition, server side JavaScript libraries can be added, such as Backbone.Validation.js and Underscore.js, to improve efficiency and development.

Frame Page

The SuiteCommerce platform provides full access to the page’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Client Side

The SuiteCommerce platform allows developers to build experiences using the latest technologies such HTML5 and CSS3.

Reference Applications

Our reference applications are built using a single-page architecture. By loading all the necessary resources on the initial page load, and then subsequently making Ajax calls to retrieve data, it eliminates page refreshes and lets you deliver great shopping experiences.

Developers Choose

You can choose existing single-page application frameworks, such as Backbone.js and AngularJS, or write your own. You can also use libraries such as jQuery, Require.js and Underscore.js to accelerate development.

Item Search API

The Item Search API helps power our reference applications by proving fast access to item data, free-text and faceted search - all as a RESTful service. You can retrieve results for a particular search by sending a simple HTTP GET request. The Item Search API has the following format: