Since it was founded, NetSuite has run its service in data centres that we build and manage, providing customers with a great experience and an ever-expanding set of capabilities. Twenty-three years ago, when NetSuite first launched, there was simply no choice but to deploy our own infrastructure — nothing commercially existed that could do the job. Since then, NetSuite has become an expert in building data centres and supporting customers around the world. But this is not where we want to be “the experts.” We want to be the best at providing a world-class business management suite.

To that end, we now have an exciting industry-leading alternative: Oracle’s commercial cloud offering, called Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

As of fall 2022, NetSuite is running six new data centres built on OCI, in North America, Europe, the Pacific and, for the first time ever, in Asia. Over the next several years, OCI will allow us to expand our worldwide data centre footprint even more. All new NetSuite accounts are implemented in an OCI data centre, and we are gradually moving customers from our legacy data centres to OCI data centres.

Oracle designed OCI as a next-generation cloud to meet the needs of the most demanding governments and large enterprise customers around the globe, and to comply with the growing number of increasingly stringent regulatory and data privacy requirements. In particular, OCI provides Oracle’s unparallelled expertise in database technology along with its market leading data analysis infrastructure to support highly complex applications — like NetSuite.

What that means: All NetSuite customers, regardless of size, get benefits that used to be afforded and available to only the largest global companies and organisations.

NetSuite is also able to leverage OCI’s highly available hardware, including the newest generation of CPUs and the best-in-class performance of Oracle Exadata(opens in a new tab) database hardware. OCI’s greater scale and access to advanced hardware gives NetSuite the ability to upgrade to the latest chipsets as soon as they become available.

Leveraging OCI’s infrastructure capabilities is just one half of managing our data centres. We still perform everyday operations and maintenance and offer our same great service delivery promises of security, reliability and performance. Customers will see no difference in user experience or feature functionality and will keep our same great Service Level Commitment.

In fact, there are several new features to take advantage of that are possible only in our data centres built on OCI. These include the ability to reschedule major version upgrades using the Customer-Scheduled Maintenance features and Sandbox-to-Sandbox refresh for premium service tier customers.

We are excited to bring these benefits to our customers and to continue improving our infrastructure by leveraging Oracle’s continued investment in the advanced capabilities of OCI.