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Demo: NetSuite for High Tech and Software Companies

Demonstration of NetSuite for software and high tech companies. This in-depth demonstration highlights how NetSuite empowers finance and IT teams with the tools and information they need to unify order-to-cash processes and increase productivity. Learn how NetSuite helps over 1,300 software, cloud and Internet companies:

  1. Automate revenue management including revenue recognition, contract renewals and billing.
  2. Accelerate financial close by eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets.
  3. Streamline the order-to-cash process and gain a 360-degree view of the business.
  4. Keep pace with global growth with industry-leading support for multi-subsidiary and multi-currency management.
  5. Access real-time metrics and reports anytime, anywhere, across the entire business.

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Live Demo: Optimise Resource Management with NetSuite OpenAir

Strengthen control and visibility across resources to improve profitability and professional services delivery

Optimising resource management is crucial to profitability, on-time delivery and client satisfaction for any professional services organisation. Yet many are forced to resort to guesswork on staffing projects and forecasting needs—often in a last-minute scramble.

Watch this live demo for an inside look at how NetSuite OpenAir helps companies such as SAIC, HP and Siemens make the most of their vital resources. Our experts will walk you through key resource management functionality in OpenAir and highlight best practices to help you improve key resource metrics.

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Leadercast: The Path to Success for the New Revenue Recognition Standard

What does a business need to do to prepare for the new revenue recognition standard across systems, processes, and people? This leadercast webinar—featuring Jim McGeever, President and COO of NetSuite, and Beverly Welch, Senior Principal - Finance Strategy Group of Accenture—dives into the details of preparing a business for ASC 606.

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Live Demo: NetSuite Financial Planning for Software Companies

Now more than ever your company must be able to quickly make accurate and well planned strategic decisions. With a focus on topics relevant to software and cloud companies, you’ll get a detailed understanding of key functionality for revenue modelling and automating end-to-end financial planning processes. Through this live, in-depth demonstration you will gain valuable insights into recurring and non-recurring revenue planning, learn how to “feed the revenue model” by integrating data from various sources into financial planning, monitor and adapt the business in real-time with variance reporting and forecasting and increase business agility with “what-if” modelling and rich analytics with drill-down NetSuite transactional detail.

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Unlock Profitable Growth in Your Services Business

Alignment between the professional services and finance functions is a critical ingredient in driving profitability for both embedded and stand-alone professional services organisations. In this webinar, guest speaker Michael Fauscette of IDC is joined by a CFO and Professional Services executive to discuss strategies for optimising the entire services lifecycle.

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Live Demo: NetSuite for Software, Cloud and Internet Companies

Through this in-depth demonstration you'll learn how NetSuite helps rapid-growth high tech companies improve operational performance by streamlining revenue recognition, accelerating global financial consolidation and reporting, managing complex subscription/recurring revenue models, and eliminating disconnected quote-to-cash processes. In this 90 minute product tour you'll learn how NetSuite makes finance teams more productive and why more than 1,000 software companies, including over half of the JMP Hot 100, run their business on NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP solution powering the software industry.

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Optimising Recurring Revenue: Best Practices for Transition, Survival and Growth

As more and more tech companies adopt the as-a-service delivery model, managing and optimising recurring revenue has become paramount. The shift from product-focused consumption to subscription-focused consumption introduces a new set of challenges for the business and its underlying infrastructure.

In this webinar, hear the latest research from IDC on the different levels of subscription model "readiness". In addition, learn the best practices that both NetSuite and Innovest Systems used to fuel rapid growth while managing the complexity inherent with the recurring revenue model.

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Embracing the New Revenue Recognition Standard: Keys to a Successful Transition

ASU 2014-09 will replace nearly all existing U.S. GAAP and IFRS guidance with a new five-step revenue recognition model. The new rules will change the way many companies recognise revenue in their financial statements – changes that will significantly impact policies, processes and systems.

This webinar brings together accounting/finance executives and revenue recognition experts from NetSuite and Deloitte to discuss what the new standard means for the high tech industry, and provide practical guidance on how you can adapt your business processes and systems to facilitate the transition.

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Preparing for IPO: Streamlining Compliance in the Cloud

In this webinar executives who have taken multiple companies public share their insights and experiences preparing for an IPO. Learn about the key business impacts including: the financial close, financial reporting & forecasting, corporate governance & SOX compliance, financial system readiness, organisational capabilities, and the registration process. You will also learn how NetSuite has helped hyper-growth companies upgrade their financials systems for the rigors of operating as a public company.

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5 Keys to Success with a Recurring Revenue Model

Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn how NetSuite became a SaaS industry leader through a comprehensive approach to optimising recurring revenue. Guest speaker Amy Konary, of IDC shares insights into the rise of recurring revenue models and you will also learn how CallidusCloud successfully transitioned from perpetual licensing to subscription. Hear how integrated billing, revenue recognition and subscription management can help you achieve growth and profitability objectives.

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Project-based ERP Buyer's Guide

View this webinar for practical guidance from Service Performance Insight into key evaluation criteria and selection processes for project-based ERP.

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Live Demo: Recurring Billing and Subscription Management for High Tech Companies

During this webinar our billing experts demonstrate the flexibility of NetSuite's solution to manage both simple and complex recurring revenue and subscription management scenarios common for high tech companies. Discover how NetSuite can help organisations like yours streamline billing operations and accuracy, acquire unmatched pricing flexibility, manage the entire subscription lifecycle, and gain visibility into your recurring revenue business through dashboards and reporting on the metrics that matter most.

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Live Demo—NetSuite Cloud SRP for Services and Software Companies

View this on-demand webinar to see how NetSuite helps services organisations by streamlining operations and driving profitability, managing the complexities of project accounting, providing anytime anywhere visibility into all aspects of the business and eliminating hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery.

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Five Steps to a Successful 2014 Services Business Plan

Annual business planning is the ideal time for your services organisation to chart its course to a busy and profitable year—but too often it turns out to be an empty ritual of wasted time and energy.

View this on-demand webinar as Jeanne Urich of Service Performance Insight, a leading services industry expert, outlines how to make the most of annual planning. You'll hear her detail key steps, while Richard Curzi of Collaborative Consulting discusses how his firm uses and benefits from NetSuite, the world's leading cloud services business management system, for its annual planning and five-year strategy development.

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Critical Metrics for Benchmarking Software Company Success

Learn how leading cloud and on-premise software companies are fuelling growth with real-time visibility into key metrics and peer benchmarks. Today's most successful software companies are leveraging a variety of new revenue models to effectively monetise and drive value. By leveraging real-time benchmarking, they are able to gauge performance and accelerate growth. The most effective software CFOs and financial executives use real-time visibility into key metrics to optimise performance and improve decision-making—or to identify operational weaknesses and inefficiencies to address.

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