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NetSuite features webinars for Wholesale/Distribution companies to help you improve and grow your business. Select a webinar that interests you below.

Operational Efficiency with Advanced Manufacturing

Watch this demo to see the leading business management solution for distribution companies in action. With a combination of leading industry practices, pre-built configurations, and a turnkey setup honed through thousands of implementations, NetSuite is ready to get you from zero to cloud in under a 100 days.

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Demo: The Fast Track to Distribution Success

NetSuite's Ranga Bodla, Industry Lead for Wholesale Distribution, and Nick Gunn, Senior Solution Consultant for Wholesale Distribution, present NetSuite for distribution companies in a live product demonstration. In this presentation, Ranga and Nick highlight NetSuite's proven results and the ability to get a business to ROI in just 100 days.

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Create a Seamless Customer Experience Across All Your Customer Channels

Today's customers demand a fast and flawless shopping experience across every channel, whether online or in-store. Yet most businesses rely on an outdated supply chain consisting of a patchwork of disconnected systems, making satisfying customer expectations impossible. How can you modernise your current supply chain to meet the new demands of omnichannel commerce? Watch this webinar to see how companies like Thos. Baker and Redcat Racing are gaining speed and precision to serve customers anytime, anywhere, on a global scale.

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NetSuite for Fast-Growing, Emerging Businesses

Think NetSuite is only for larger businesses? Think again. We've taken the power of NetSuite's world-class cloud platform and optimised it for fast-growing, emerging businesses. That means you get lower pricing and faster implementation on a platform that's ready to grow as fast as you are. Get details and a product tour in this free demo webinar.

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2015 Distribution Industry Outlook

After another volatile year, wholesale distributors are expressing caution about what may come in 2015, even though 2014 ended on a strong note for many in the industry. But that caution is laced with optimism about the future. Join Modern Distribution Management and NetSuite for a 60-minute webcast on what distributors should expect in 2015, including key opportunities and challenges and how distributors across sectors are approaching growth in the new year.

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See What Cloud ERP Can Do For Your Distribution Company

NetSuite's Wholesale Distribution Industry Lead, Ranga Bodla, and Industry Expert, John Bek, present this hour-long demo of NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution companies (December 2014).

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Reducing Supply Chain Risks with the Cloud—A Case Study

View this on-demand webinar to hear Frost & Sullivan discuss how the development of lean manufacturing and complex global supply chains have left Asia Pacific businesses increasingly exposed to disruptions, and how cloud solutions can help overcome these risks.

Hear a case study of how BioPak, an Australian packaging solutions leader, moved their operations to the cloud and gained efficiency, real-time visibility and increased supplier collaboration across their entire supply chain.

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Product Demo — NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition

Watch this on demand NetSuite product demo to get a tour of key features in NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition, including demand planning, inventory management, lead-to-cash integration, ecommerce and reporting functionality designed specifically for wholesale distributors.

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IDC Webinar: How the Cloud is Transforming Today's Supply Chain

Watch this webinar to hear IDC analysts Dr Christopher Holmes & Daniel-Zoe Jimenez explore what is driving supply chain organisations in the Asia Pacific region to change, the challenges these companies face, and how the use of cloud is transforming the way companies manage their supply chains.

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Product Demo—NetSuite Ecommerce Solution

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how NetSuite SuiteCommerce supports B2C and B2B businesses on a single platform, driving efficiency, growth and customer insight with seamless integration to your inventory, CRM, and financials. See key capabilities, including complete web design flexibility, guided search and navigation, responsive design, dynamic merchandising, and much more.

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Sage Users Share Why They Upgraded to the Cloud

In this webinar, hear an interview with executives from NetSuite customers Ecobox and Cequal Products. Hear why they moved off of Sage and a myriad of other applications to cloud-based NetSuite.

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Transforming the Supply Chain with Cloud ERP

In this webinar hear IDC analyst Simon Ellis explore why the cloud is transforming how supply chain organisations procure IT capabilities and manage business processes, and why nearly half of manufacturers are implementing or considering cloud technology. You'll also hear an executive from social product company Quirky, a NetSuite customer, discuss the importance of the cloud in the company's innovative business model and diverse supply chain.

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Product Demo: NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution Companies

Watch this on-demand webinar and get a tour of key functionality in NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition, including cycle counting, demand planning, inventory management, lead-to-cash integration, ecommerce and reporting functionality specifically designed for wholesale distributors.

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Leveling the Playing Field: A Cloud Computing Case Study for Distributors

In this 60-minute webcast, sponsored by NetSuite, Zoro Tools tells its unique story and how it has used cloud-based IT applications to manage its business.

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SaaS and Cloud ERP Trends, Observations, and Performance

In this exclusive VODCast from Aberdeen Research, listen to analyst Nick Castellina discuss the latest trends, observations and performance of SaaS and Cloud ERP. He discusses the upward trend of the willingness of manufacturers and distributors to consider SaaS as a deployment for ERP. Additional topics include a comparison of security between SaaS and On-Premise ERP.

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Could Your WD Business Run Better in the Cloud?

The wholesale distribution business continues to evolve and the pressure to reduce cost, improve order accuracy and maximise profitability is as intense as ever. View this exclusive webinar on how modern wholesale distributors are using software in the cloud to transform their businesses.

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Grow Your Business with Cloud Computing—Lessons from Three Leading Wholesale Distributors

Today's successful wholesale distributors are transforming their businesses with cloud computing. They're deploying dramatically more efficient procurement and inventory management processes, and they're accelerating fulfillment to maximise customer satisfaction and partner value. Watch this webinar to get an inside view from three wholesale distribution leaders into how they plan for growth and manage critical challenges to scale their businesses smartly and efficiently. You'll walk away with immediately applicable strategies for your own business success.

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