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A Finance Director's Guide to Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for High-Growth Companies

The processes of planning, budgeting and forecasting provide a roadmap for a business and give its workforce clear directions on how to reach the intended destination. What's more questionable are the tools and approaches that many organisations use to get this work done and the results that they get back. So how does the cloud help?

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Fueling business growth with a strong front office back office relationship

This guide for finance directors and CFOs of growing businesses provides pointers for creating a more fruitful and valuable relationship between finance and the office.

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Why Choose NetSuite?

You have an important decision to make—which ERP is right for your business?

About once every 10 years, organisations face this strategic decision with major implications for operational effectiveness. Technology and solution development moves apace. Cloud technology has revolutionised the availability and power of solutions. No wonder it is difficult to choose from the wide variety of options. What do you need to consider to find the right solution?

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A Finance Director's Guide to Auditing in High-Growth Organisations

A modern finance system, for businesses of all shapes and sizes, should help spot errors, discrepancies and ultimately fight fraud. Let's talk about what audit is for a growing business, and how to improve its value.

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A Finance Director's Guide to Business Partnering in Growing Organisations

Bringing finance closer to the rest of the business is an enticing prospect. Enabling accountants to serve as advocates for other departments is much more than a relocation task. Why finance should work with other parts of the business?

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A Finance Director's Guide to Period Close in High-Growth Organisations

For many organisations, closing the books at the end of a financial period remains a time-consuming, cumbersome and stressful process with late nights for staff and seemingly endless re-checking of information. How can a fully integrated ERP help in these situations?

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A Finance Director's Guide to International Expansion for High-Growth Companies

Once a business has experienced success at home and begun to build a loyal customer base there, international expansion is often seen as the next logical step. It often comes with some very specific challenges, not least cultural differences, language barriers and competition from home-grown players in a new region.

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High Impact Planning and Budgeting for High Growth Companies

This white paper discusses best practices for budgeting and planning and leveraging the cloud, as well as a high level overview of NetSuite PBCS.

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The Great Debate: One Integrated Business System VS. Siloed Applications

This white paper covers the types of inefficiencies caused by running disparate business solutions and systems for different departments and how a software platform that unifies critical business processes helps companies grow more rapidly and profitably. This paper reviews numerous case studies of companies that switched from disparate software systems to an integrated software suite and also covers analysis by independent industry expert, Nucleus Research, of customers' ROI from using an integrated software suite.

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