Course Objective

Do you want to manage your NetSuite account like a pro? Become more proficient by gaining insight into the "day in the life" of a NetSuite Administrator.

Administrator Fundamentals examines key administrator tasks and responsibilities to provide the foundational knowledge needed to tailor, maintain, and optimise NetSuite for your users' business needs. The course begins with a high-level review of NetSuite capabilities before turning to the daily setup, configuration and customisation tasks that are part of an administrator's core responsibilities. The course concludes by exploring best practices and techniques for ensuring the ongoing optimal use of your NetSuite system.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Are a newly-hired administrator who needs to quickly learn how to manage an existing NetSuite implementation
  • Are a mostly self-taught administrator who would like refresher training on basic tasks

We also recommend that you attend the "SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches" course.

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Describe the general structure of the NetSuite data model
  • Modify and create custom roles to enforce security
  • Publish dashboards for groups of users
  • Use NetSuite customisation tools to add fields, control views, and create new tables
  • Assist and troubleshoot with reports and searches
  • Import data and ensure data integrity in your NetSuite account
  • Expand NetSuite by taking advantage of SuiteApps
  • Consider techniques for securing your data and system
  • Identify resources to assist with upcoming NetSuite releases

Duration: 2 days
Price: $1,600 USD

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