NetSuite Jump Starts Launch of Cloud IT Consultancy and Propels it to Market Leading Position

Liberate IT


Liberate IT


Auckland, New Zealand


IT Consulting

Applications Replaced

No previous applications. Started up the business running on NetSuite



"The more we've used NetSuite and gotten to know the full breadth of its capabilities, the easier our lives have become and the more our business has grown. There's really nothing NetSuite can’t do to support our continuing, rapid evolution." Liberate IT

Customer Success

  • Cloud IT consulting firm focused solely on selling, implementing and supporting NetSuite saw rapid and profitable growth by eliminating the need to build and maintain costly onsite IT business management systems.
  • Thanks, in large part to NetSuite’s rapid deployment and operational capabilities, Liberate I.T. grew rapidly from zero to 50 clients. The company is on track to grow an estimated 56% in the coming year.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to NetSuite by Liberate I.T. employees allows the firm to operate as a virtual organisation in which employees work from home offices and other remote locations.
  • Because NetSuite is designed to integrate easily with other applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Liberate I.T.’s business operates as a single, seamlessly integrated, front-end to back-end environment.
  • Specialised business modules, such as payroll and financial planning, which have been designed for NetSuite users by NetSuite development partners, make it easy and painless for Liberate I.T. to add fully integrated functionality as its business evolves.
  • Liberate I.T.’s successful experience with NetSuite in its own business serves as a showcase for its marketing and sales activities.


  • In preparing to launch Liberate I.T., the firm’s principals wanted a single, seamlessly integrated, highly scalable, cloud-based business management system.
  • The company chose to function virtually, without a central office location, but needed to provide its employees with anywhere, anytime access to its business management system.
  • Liberate I.T. did not want to incur the high acquisition and maintenance costs inherent in an on-premises business management system.
  • The firm required a hassle-free business management system that could grow its capabilities automatically and transparently apply system updates, and easily and seamlessly integrate with its front-end user tools.


  • Initially implemented NetSuite ERP to launch the business.
  • Currently uses NetSuite for financials, billing, payments, CRM, marketing automation, sales force automation, project management, financial reporting and analysis.
  • Acquired and deployed the Infinet Cloud Payroll application, wholly built by a NetSuite Cloud Development partner on the NetSuite platform and specifically designed for NetSuite users in Australia, NZ and the UK.

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