From Nonprofit to For-profit, NetSuite Supports World Centric’s Business Evolution

World Centric


World Centric


Petaluma, Calif.


Distributor and Seller of Certified Compostable Food Packing

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Excel


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“NetSuite fits a company no matter what their stage of development. We started using NetSuite when we were quite small, and it has been instrumental in helping us grow our business and is still highly functional for us.” World Centric

Customer Success

  • The for-profit social enterprise focused on selling and distributing certified compostable food packing made from plants, uses NetSuite to run its accounting, order management, inventory management, supply chain management, ecommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) business processes.
  • Founded in 2004 as a nonprofit to raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues, World Centric transitioned to a socially responsible for-profit company after sales of compostable products took off. An implementation of NetSuite eased the transition.
  • World Centric has grown rapidly, providing over 200 SKUs of compostable products that serve as alternatives to disposable plastics and Styrofoam™ as well as custom orders for organisations and events.
  • Using NetSuite to track all of its orders, World Centric relies upon a network of distributors to provide its products to food service businesses and retailers across the U.S. World Centric also runs its ecommerce operation on NetSuite, which enables direct order fulfilment for consumers and organisations purchasing in smaller quantities.
  • World Centric stores all of its product data in NetSuite, allowing any of its full-time employees to access real-time supply chain and inventory data at anytime, anywhere.


  • Unlike other organisations that structured themselves around a product or service idea, World Centric started as a mission-driven nonprofit and initially lacked the necessary systems to support its rapid growth as it became a for-profit entity.
  • Previously running on QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, the company needed business management software that would allow it to fully integrate customer orders and invoices and support an ecommerce operation.
  • Previous use of spreadsheets meant that data was siloed and not integrated. Different systems were being used to track invoices, orders, ecommerce and customer queries and the company lacked a single unified system which could support all areas of its business.


  • With NetSuite, World Centric has a single unified cloud business management system in place that can effectively and efficiently support all areas of the company’s business including integration between inventory and ecommerce.
  • NetSuite gives employees real-time knowledge and insight into product inventory and shipment data to track orders, which they can then share with customers.
  • World Centric employees across the organisation use NetSuite to gain a birds-eye view into business operations including products, inventory and orders.
  • NetSuite helped to significantly improve collaboration across the entire organisation, particularly important as World Centric continues to build out a remote sales team across the U.S.
  • NetSuite customisation capabilities enable World Centric to adapt the system on an as-needed business basis.

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