Does Your Reseller or Solutions Provider Business Still Lack a Cloud Strategy?

Let NetSuite Show You How to Leverage Your Expertise to Capitalise on the Huge Demand for Cloud Applications

"We have had our eye on the cloud computing space for some time, and with the newly added enhancements made by the NetSuite SuiteStart Service, I knew the time was now for us to make the move. Between the flexible revenue sharing and the comprehensive Programme support, we are confident we will be successful partnering with NetSuite."

Bryan Majewski, Managing Partner, Baker Tilly

NetSuite Programme Offers 100% Margins

Cloud computing: It's where business is going. And the NetSuite SP100 Programme gets you there fast by paying you 100% of your first-year revenues on new sales of NetSuite's leading cloud computing business management suite. With the NetSuite SP100 Programme, you'll:

  • Align your business with the hottest trend in business computing. Leverage your expertise in business applications and ensure that your customers benefit from the low cost and high ROI of cloud computing.
  • Quickly recoup your costs of sale. NetSuite pays you the entire first-year software revenue on qualified new customer transactions of 24 months or more. No other cloud computing vendor offers 100% margins to its partners.
  • Create a predictable revenue stream from customer renewals. NetSuite is also the only cloud computing provider that pays partners for renewals—not just sales.
  • Enjoy higher customer adoption and retention rates. The NetSuite platform can be adapted to a host of new verticals, allowing you to meet your customers' industry-specific needs without the upkeep of a custom enterprise IT environment.

Are you ready to jumpstart your cloud computing strategy and revitalise your business? Find out how.


SuiteStart Service Sweetens the Programme

The NetSuite SP100 Programme includes many of the key advantages previously available to qualifying channel partners, including commissions paid on customer collections. The key components of the NetSuite SP100 Programme include:

  • The option to realise 100% of a new customer's first-year revenue, with a 10% share of renewals in future years. New partners may also choose NetSuite's conventional revenue-sharing agreements while enjoying the other benefits of the SP100 Programme.
  • The NetSuite SuiteStart Service, designed to give partners immediate mastery of the cloud, and a shorter horizon to initial customer wins.
  • Waivers of first-year Programme enrollment fees for new channel partners (an immediate £2750 value).
  • Free first-year training in the NetSuite sales training and methodology courses for up to three sales reps.
  • Comprehensive go-to-market support, including marketing templates, start-up leads, and access to ongoing leads for top-performing partners.
  • A free NetSuite license for partners, in good standing, to use to operate their own business.

Join Us Now or Join Us Later

We truly believe that sooner or later, you'll become a NetSuite partner. It's just a matter of when. Why not now? NetSuite is the new gold standard for value-added resellers and solution providers (SPs) looking for sustainable growth and opportunity.

Here are some of the many benefits of joining NetSuite's SP100 Programme:

  • Make money faster. Most NetSuite customers prepay for service anywhere from one to three years in advance, meaning the revenue split for the entire period is available to partners as soon as it's paid.
  • Make money longer. NetSuite is still the only top-tier cloud computing provider that pays channel partners for customer renewals, not just new sales. NetSuite also pays commissions on customer collections.
  • Focus on your core strengths. The NetSuite platform is highly customisable. NetSuite frees you to focus on process improvements and customer-specific functionality, instead of database synchronisation and middleware.
  • Diversify your business. You don't have to abandon your existing vendor relationships. By becoming a NetSuite partner, you'll broaden your portfolio with cloud computing, and increase your chances for success.

NetSuite has a 10-year lead over the many traditional software companies just starting to understand the power, convenience, flexibility and security of cloud computing. So join us today.

The #1 Web-Based Business Management Suite

Cloud computing—also known as Software as a Service (SaaS)—is an exploding market. In fact, Gartner recently forecast that the SaaS market will have a 17.7% compound annual growth rate through 2013—nearly five times the total application market's 3.6% CAGR. What are you doing to ride this wave?

With more than 6,600 customers worldwide, NetSuite is the leading provider of on-demand, integrated business management software for growing and mid-size businesses. Gartner recently named NetSuite the fastest growing of the top 10 ERP software vendors in North America.

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