The cloud is where business is going. SuiteAcademy helps your college or university prepare students for the real world with hands-on instruction in accounting, business administration and moreā€”and the cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) skills that today's employers seek.

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Build Your Business Education Offerings with SuiteAcademy

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, NetSuite is available over the web to students and instructors 24/7. Learning is not restricted to the classroom—students and professors can work with NetSuite anytime, anywhere, over a multitude of devices. It's an ideal way to equip students with leading-edge skills in cloud-based business management as more employers in virtually every industry transition to the cloud from legacy on-premise software and servers.

Participate in the Growing SuiteAcademy Community

Professors gain access to NetSuite's wide range of virtual and self-paced training as well as prebuilt curriculum and exercises, can leverage instructional materials developed by other educators and have the opportunity to contribute their own coursework to the community. SuiteAcademy members can customise curriculum to support learning about key business processes, concepts, and theories and help student’s gain a better understanding of integrated data structure, business intelligence and data mining. The SuiteAcademy group enables academic community members to share advice and get questions answered in online forums.

Focus on Education, not it Hassles

Because NetSuite is a completely cloud-based SaaS solution, SuiteAcademy members don't need to install software on on-premise systems, manage desktop applications or deal with upgrades and maintenance. With SuiteAcademy, member institutions can virtually eliminate IT infrastructure costs and focus on delivering a superior educational experience to student.