Demands for NetSuite experts is growing rapidly. More and more companies are looking for new grads who have validated NetSuite expertise. Companies that use certified professionals see more effective deployments and a greater return on their investment. Being certified will ensure that your students will receive the recognition and the credibility they deserve and give them a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Why Become NetSuite Certified?

  • Fastest growing Financial Management Solution World Wide
  • Used by 30, 000+ organisations
  • Used across 100+ countries

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We offer two options for training for Professors and Faculty members:

  • Virtual Training which is instructor led. We highly recommend this option as it is more interactive and will allow you to connect with our NetSuite trainers to ask questions during the session.
  • Learn at your own pace through our learning management system.
  • For student training, please see details here

Virtual Training Courses and Schedules

NetSuite Essentials

NetSuite Essentials is the first course Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up NetSuite should take to best ensure your success.
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SuiteAnalytics provides real-time reporting, searches, key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards that are built into the ERP, CRM and Ecommerce features you use every day.
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Marketing Automation

Making the most of marketing automation means using the right tools to successfully attract and keep customers; align marketing and sales processes; prime the sales pipeline with new leads; and gauge the effectiveness of your efforts in real-time.
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SuiteCloud: Exploring the NetSuite Platform

SuiteCloud is a comprehensive offering of cloud development tools, applications and infrastructure that enables customers and software developers to maximise the benefits of cloud computing.
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SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals

With fundamental workflow concepts, you have the tools to visually construct your business processes. SuiteFlow can automate your custom approval routing, apply validations, send emails, create related records, direct the end user to appropriate forms in the user interface, and more.
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SuiteScript: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript

With advanced workflow concepts, you have the tools to support advanced approval routing use cases including sequential and parallel approvals, incorporation of sub-workflows, altering your workflow based on other records, addition of service-level agreements, extension through formulas & SuiteScript, and more.
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