NetSuite Helps EMEA Partners Expand Operations and Drive Customer Success

By Chris Norfolk, Channel Director, EMEA
October 6, 2020

While many things have changed since the launch of SuiteLife last year, our commitment to working closely with our partners to help them succeed has not. Most importantly, we have been receiving excellent feedback from our community of Solution Providers and Alliance Partners, who play a critical role in putting the power of cloud ERP into the hands of organisations across the world.

SuiteLife represents the largest investment we’ve ever made in our NetSuite partner ecosystem and is designed to help meet growing customer demand for cloud ERP. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for new partners to get up to speed, while helping to ensure that our current partners can accelerate their practice growth and drive customer success.

To date, 245 of our partners have joined the SuiteLife family in EMEA alone. Meanwhile, the size of our partner network continues to grow in parallel, with 24 percent more partners coming on board since SuiteLife launched. On average, our Solution Providers grew their practice by 37 percent, as SuiteLife helped equip them with a comprehensive set of resources, certified training, and tools to develop expertise around specific business functions, product areas and industries.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of our partners had to say about SuiteLife:

“We’ve been a NetSuite Solution Provider for over 10 years and have experienced continuous growth in that time. SuiteLife has really taken our practice to the next level. We’ve come to rely on the online training for onboarding new hires, while SuiteLife’s advanced partner support means we can collaborate closely with NetSuite’s technical teams. This has been a valuable way to join forces on project delivery and to explore new verticals.” – Graham Hall, Senior Sales Consultant, NoBlue (UK)

“As an Alliance Partner focusing exclusively on NetSuite, we’ve doubled our revenue every year. SuiteLife is a great enabler for our business and will propel us and our customers to even further growth. We focus on people, projects, and delivering new business. SuiteLife gives us a structured learning path to train consultants in the same way NetSuite would internally, and advanced partner support allows us to develop our own specialised vertical offerings. All in all, it means we can deliver value for ourselves and our customers fast.” – John Wynn, Director, AzroNet (UK)

“SuiteLife give us and our customers the platform to scale. We’re expanding our capabilities thanks to advanced partner support and the alignment to SuiteSuccess and NetSuite’s wider product portfolio means we can help customers grow their business faster than ever before. The training materials have enabled us to ramp up our own business very efficiently.” – Martin Kalkuhl, Director Sales & NetSuite Partner Business, Alta Via Consulting GmbH (Germany)

“We have worked with NetSuite as a Solution Provider for 16 years, but SuiteLife has really helped to unlock our expertise and resources. The pre-configured industry solution, certified training, short implementation cycle and extensive support tools ensure success between partner and customer. I believe that SuiteLife has brought a significant shift to cloud ERP engagement, giving us and our customers a competitive edge.” – Biswas Nair, Founder & CEO Inspirria Cloudtech (UAE)

Taking BPO to the next level

Building on the success of SuiteLife, we’re also increasing opportunities for NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners in EMEA. The programme enables BPO partners to manage and support clients of any size, from small businesses to multinational corporations, with NetSuite ERP, and helps them to expand service offerings across finance, CRM, inventory management, project management, and more.

The programme will better enable newly onboarded BPO partners including RSM UK, NexusSuite (Republic of Ireland) and Escalon (Norway) to help its clients improve visibility, control and agility to unlock new opportunities to adapt and grow.

“RSM UK is already a 5-Star NetSuite Partner and our US firm currently benefits from the NetSuite BPO Partner Programme. We have deployed NetSuite as our standard for BPO platforms in our UK-based processing centres, adding in complementary technology around NetSuite to help our middle-market clients take advantage of the cloud.” – Ian Sadler, Head of Outsourcing, RSM UK