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NetSuite for Retailers Transform your business with NetSuite Cloud Retail Management software

Shop anywhere, pay anywhere and receive merchandise anywhere–that's the omnichannel shopping experience that customers demand.

NetSuite Retail provides:

  • An end-to-end cloud business suite for financials & accounting, inventory & order management, CRM & marketing and ecommerce.
  • One singular instance of data across your entire manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprise.
  • A unified omnichannel commerce platform built around the customer experience.
  • A 360-degree view of your business and analytics, updated in real-time.
  • Out-of-the box roles, KPIs, reports and dashboards to get you up and running quickly.
  • Industry expertise and leading practices approach to technology implementation.

Join the dynamic retailers who have already turned to NetSuite and moved beyond standalone, disconnected commerce systems to streamline operations, reduce costs and complexities–and gain a single, unified view of their customers and business.

What we can do for you

NetSuite has taken its industry expertise and packaged it into a solution to solve the unique business challenges of the retail industry across manufacturing and wholesale.

Combine this industry expertise with the leading practices developed by our retail-dedicated professional services team, NetSuite helps our customers start adopting the platform faster and transform their businesses in consumable stages to develop competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver the ideal customer experience by phasing out costly, outdated and unruly systems by taking a step-wise approach to the project.
  • Maximise time-to-value with NetSuite’s Whole Offer; combining NetSuite with strategic services, partnerships and value- added products for a complete end-to-end solution.
  • Optimise business processes with tailored features, designed to meet the dynamic needs of retail brands.

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Product features


Get a comprehensive view of your financial activities with a powerful financial management system for retailers.

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Order Management

Allow shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere and return anywhere.

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Inventory and Supplier Management

Efficiently manage stock and your supplier network to better meet the demands of today's consumers.

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Business Intelligence

Make smarter strategic decisions across all channels with real-time business intelligence.

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CRM and Marketing

Get a single view of each customer across all channels and touchpoints.

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Deliver a consistent and personalised digital experience to consumers across any device.

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SuiteApp Directory(opens in new tab)

A complete directory of value-added retail partner solutions that extend NetSuite for business and industry needs.

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NetSuite Connector

Connect NetSuite to your ecommerce, logistics and POS systems.

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A Guide to Retail International Expansion

A Guide to Retail International Expansion

The current retail market in the UK is challenging but some retailers are still managing to grow—by expanding overseas. Read this white paper from Retail Gazette & Oracle NetSuite to discover a world of opportunities for UK retailers.

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The Retailer's Blueprint for Success

The Retailer's Blueprint for Success

Retailers today are held back by years of implementing costly and complex systems that don't cooperate and interfere with daily operations. This ebook provides a blueprint for overcoming these obstacles and achieving success with a roadmap designed for your business needs.

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The Business Advantage of Cloud for Retailers

The Business Advantage of Cloud for Retailers

As the pace of change in the retail industry continues, businesses need to adopt new innovative methods of growth in order to protect themselves from new entrants in the market. This guide to cloud-based solutions explores the various driving factors behind retailers making the switch to the cloud, as well as highlighting the key advantages for your business from ease of implementation to reduced infrastructure costs.

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