NetSuite for Private
Equity Backed Companies

Advising private equity clients with performance and front/back-office synergies as the driving force to attain incremental EBITDA

Risk is everywhere for the modern private equity firm and their portfolio companies. Not only are they challenged today by fickle and fluctuating markets, but they also must contend with threats brought about by technology, fraud and regulation. Overcoming these obstacles requires the speed, agility and transparency that comes from a streamlined back-office.

Finding the right private equity software starts with finding the right partner. NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice enables firms and their portfolio companies across all industries to optimise decision-making and execute on bold strategies with accurate, real-time information.

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Value Creation for PE Firms

NetSuite’s private equity software provides firms with robust global functionality on a highly scalable and flexible platform with built-in business intelligence. Moreover, we provide a seamless buying experience and built-in integration for any future investments. Your firm will be aligned with NetSuite executives from the start to help deliver a streamlined sales process and guarantee preferred service, commercial and payment terms.

NetSuite for PE-backed Companies

NetSuite understands that sponsor-backed companies have a unique DNA in terms of growth, investment theses and M&A activity. Often operating under accelerated timelines and aggressive budgets, we recognise that they have different management structures based on the ownership. To support these companies, NetSuite’s dedicated team provides executive alignment throughout your entire lifecycle as a customer, from pre-acquisition to exit.

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At all stages of the PE transaction cycle, NetSuite accelerates value creation within your portfolio:


  • Uncovering operational synergies
  • Identifying current system risks
  • Leveraging partners to drive end-to-end transactions


  • TSA-focused execution, focusing on accelerated time to value
  • Dedicated team, utilising best practices to support entire carve-out process


  • Support organic growth by helping to improve operations and expand product and services value proposition.
  • Support investment theses including inorganic growth by quickly integrating add-on transactions on a scalable platform with industry best practices.

Portfolio Optimisation Strategies

  • Cross-portfolio preferred commercial terms (standard licensing, implementation and renewal discount terms)
  • Focused team to serve shared needs
  • Coordinated sales, implementation and service

Private Equity Backed Companies Thrive on NetSuite

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NetSuite Customers See Greater ROI

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