Consulting Firm Business Software: ERP & PSA

NetSuite for Consulting Firms Increase Billable Hours and Profitability with Integrated ERP and Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Consulting firms constantly face the challenge of optimally aligning staff while delivering projects on time profitably. Meanwhile, non-billable administrative tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning eat up time and attention. While important, these tasks mean lost revenue or foregone personal time. NetSuite can minimise administrative tasks for consulting firms while gaining valuable insights to improve realisation rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.


Optimised Staffing

Allocate the right skills to the right project while minimising bench time.

Manage Profitability

Benchmark projects with dashboards, identifying profitable teams and budgeted versus billed time.

Improve Collaboration

Share important documents and intellectual property easily, regardless of location.

Automate Time and Expense

Mobile expense management, automatic approvals integrate directly with financials.