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NetSuite and TechSoup Global partner to bring the NetSuite cloud to nonprofits globally

Combined Strength of TechSoup Global and World’s #1 Cloud Business Management Suite Frees Charitable Organisations from Demands of IT Management and Helps Better the World

SAN MATEO, Calif.—June 30, 2014—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced a partnership with TechSoup Global, the international network that leverages technology to help build the capacity of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), bringing NetSuite’s comprehensive suite of cloud business management applications, including ERP, CRM, ecommerce, professional services automation (PSA), TribeHR for social human capital management (HCM) and the LightCMS content management platform, to nonprofits worldwide. Currently, the partnership gives qualified nonprofits access to a donation of NetSuite’s powerful cloud-based management suite of applications on through the corporate citizenship program, enabling these organisations to conduct their mission-critical business operations like accounting, social impact reporting and nonprofit business processes unique to their organisations, as well as ERP, grants management, donor management and fundraising. In addition, the partnership can eventually make NetSuite available to organisations worldwide through the TechSoup Global Network of 52 partner organisations around the world.

“This partnership fills a very specific need for our community that has not been addressed up until this time. It goes a long way toward helping TechSoup Global deliver on its promise to provide technology information and resources for nonprofits and to help mission-driven organisations change the world faster,” said Gayle Samuelson Carpentier, Chief Business Development Officer, TechSoup Global.

“We’re excited about the chance to ultimately extend our suite of applications to deserving organisations around the globe and equip them with the tools to manage finances and donors, and explain the impact that their efforts are having on their communities and the world,” said David Geilhufe, Senior Director of

NGOs across the globe have shown a clear desire for cloud-based technology, according to a 2012 TechSoup Global survey of more than 10,800 NGOs in 88 countries. The survey revealed that 90 percent of respondents worldwide reported using at least one cloud application, and 53 percent reported plans to move a “significant portion” of their IT to the cloud within the next three years. NetSuite is the first cloud-based financial solution to be available through TechSoup Global’s product philanthropy platform and TribeHR and LightCMS are the first cloud-based human capital management and content management systems respectively to be made available.

Qualified NGOs can also benefit from’s unique grantee support programs like SuiteVolunteers, which pairs NetSuite employees with grantees to tackle the NGOs’ back-office challenges through ongoing pro-bono projects. NetSuite’s cloud-based delivery model also spares nonprofits the high upfront capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance and IT staffing required by traditional on-premise software, allowing these organisations to devote those resources to fulfil their missions.

Since its founding in 2008, the corporate citizenship program has empowered more than 400 nonprofits and social enterprises around the globe with tools to amplify their impact in making the world a better place. To learn more about NetSuite's corporate citizenship programs, please visit

About TechSoup Global
TechSoup Global is an international network of 52 partner NGOs in Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. For over 25 years, it has leveraged technology to build NGO capacity towards solving problems in local communities and fostering global social change. TechSoup Global's core competencies include running one of the biggest technology philanthropy programs in the world; providing NGO validation services to funders and corporations; gathering, analyzing, and distributing global social-sector data; and catalyzing community-oriented technology innovations. Learn more at or

About is the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, leverage the company's assets—our people and our product—to amplify the social impact of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world. Through our unique initiatives, including software donations, pro bono SuiteVolunteer projects and social solutions we are supporting organisations worldwide to better achieve their missions. For more information on NetSuite's corporate citizenship, please visit or follow us on Twitter @NetSuiteEMEAOrg.


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