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NetSuite and Google Combine on Enterprise Search Initiatives

NetSuite and Google OneBox for Enterprise Integrate for Search across Enterprise Applications, the Web and Data Repositories

NetSuite-Google Integration Built Around Unique Role-based Architecture

SAN MATEO, Calif.—April 19, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, and Google Inc., today announced that NetSuite has created a Google OneBox for Enterprise module to add unprecedented flexibility when searching business data across the enterprise. NetSuite and Google enterprise customers can simultaneously search for data within the NetSuite application suites, the Web and other data sources using the Google search interface. The combination of NetSuite and Google OneBox for Enterprise gives users the powerful ability to perform searches across information on the Web, the internal corporate network and their NetSuite data — searching customers, vendors, items, events, and transactions — and other linked data sources. NetSuite and Google have also combined efforts to support NetSuite's unique role-based architecture. Searches executed by Google Search Appliance users only retrieve data from NetSuite based on the security privileges present in a NetSuite user's role-based profile. For more information about the embedded solution visit

Google OneBox for Enterprise provides secure, real-time access to information in turnkey business applications like NetSuite. By integrating NetSuite's Global Search capability with Google OneBox for Enterprise, queries from the Google Search Appliance interface — built on the same simple, ease-of-use paradigm as — return relevant records from NetSuite transactional business data. In addition, because the combined NetSuite/Google offering supports NetSuite's unique role-based architecture, searches executed by Google Search only return data that is permitted based on the rights and privileges assigned to a user.

Using the NetSuite Global Search module and Google OneBox for Enterprise increases end-user productivity by making data easily accessible, retrievable and relevant. For example:

  • An accounts receivable manager can expedite payment by performing a single search using Google OneBox for Enterprise that would return all customer, entitlement, service-level and billing details from NetSuite; product documentation from a document repository; and relevant user group postings from an external blog site.
  • A marketing person can efficiently make changes to a product catalog in multiple applications and documents. A Google search for a product SKU would return relevant pricing and inventory results in NetSuite, product marketing documents, and product references on the company from external Web sites.

"Google is excited to partner with NetSuite to provide easy access to NetSuite information directly through the Google Search Appliance," said Dave Girouard, Vice President and General Manager of Google Enterprise. "Our integration will make it faster and easier for our joint customers to access NetSuite application data."

"With the OneBox for Enterprise feature of the new Google Search Appliance, NetSuite customers can query NetSuite and the Web to search for relevant data across multiple related applications and repositories either inside or outside the firewall," said Kristen Brown, VP of Business Development at NetSuite. "This capability to quickly and securely search for business information from the convenience of the familiar Google search box will allow customers to increase efficiencies across different business processes: from the front office, through the back office, online and in related repositories."