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NetSuite unveils NetSuite 2007.0, combining powerful mid-market capabilities with enhanced ease-of-use

Easy ERP Made Possible As New NetSuite Assistants Streamline Deployment and Automation of Complex Back Office Tasks

Multi-Partner Management Ensures On-Demand Forecast Updates and Commission Tracking for Partner Sales around the Globe

Global CRM and PRM Capabilities Unify International Sales Efforts

SuiteAnalytics Delivers Real-time Business Intelligence—Without the Data Warehouse

LONDON and SAN MATEO, Calif.—June 21, 2007—NetSuite, Inc., the leading on-demand vendor of integrated business management application suites for small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, today launched NetSuite® 2007.0, introducing a myriad of new features that make automating complex operations and processes simpler for growing and mid-sized businesses. With this new version, NetSuite continues its leadership in bringing the power of integrated enterprise software suites to mid-sized businesses without the complexity and significant expense associated with traditional solutions such as SAP.

While NetSuite 2007.0 encompasses hundreds of new features and enhancements, it focuses on three key functional areas to bring together the power required to run a mid-sized business, with the ease-of-use and management to make complex activities simple and low-cost:

  • Easy ERP—New NetSuite Assistants make the setup, data import and ongoing administration of complex tasks simpler. In addition, new NetSuite Assistants for complex functional ERP areas such as multi-dimensional product configuration and transactional form layout significantly improve productivity across the business. (For more information, please see accompanying release: NetSuite Assistants Make ERP Easy to Deploy and Complex Back-Office Tasks Manageable by Mere Mortals.)
  • NetSuite Global CRM and PRM—With NetSuite 2007.0, the management of complex global sales operations, including partner relationship management (PRM), becomes simpler. Orders, forecasts, quotas and commissions can now be managed on a per-country basis in local currency. In addition, the data from all countries can then be rolled-up into a single dashboard for a consolidated global view across the entire organisation. (For more information, please see accompanying release: NetSuite Makes International Growth More Manageable with Global CRM.)
  • SuiteAnalytics—While other solutions require the added cost and complexity of third-party data warehousing tools to gain insight into business data, NetSuite continues its leadership in real-time analytics by adding new business intelligence capabilities including detailed scorecards, and incorporation of Excel-like custom formulas within any NetSuite Dashboard and saved search. (For more information, please see accompanying release: NetSuite Launches SuiteAnalytics for Powerful Business Intelligence with Ease.)

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Mid-market companies are following a similar business application transition to what Fortune 1000 companies have recently completed. That is, the move from cobbled-together, stand-alone software solutions to an integrated suite to manage core business operations such as sales, finance, service delivery, accounting, warehouse management and ecommerce. As a SaaS pioneer, unlike some other on-demand software companies that chose to repeat the problems of the past and create stand-alone point product applications, NetSuite was founded with the vision of delivering a complete, single on-demand suite to specifically address the dynamic needs of growing and mid-sized businesses. These businesses also require powerful capabilities for global expansion, complex back-office/front-office business process management and overall business intelligence. Ease-of-use is also paramount to their success since growing and mid-sized companies do not have the time or resources to wrestle with unwieldy legacy solutions from vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and Sage that require significant and expensive on-going maintenance and application integration. Finally, growing businesses are dynamic and require solutions that are easily adaptable to their changing needs. NetSuite 2007.0 delivers powerful, flexible capabilities that have been designed to be usable by everyone within the organisation—from the field-sales representative, to the warehouse manager—and to address the global expansion, back-office management and business intelligence needs of mid-market businesses.

"From the day of our founding, NetSuite has focused on meeting the needs of growing and mid-sized companies by combining powerful functionality with ease-of-use to facilitate growth, productivity, and actionable business intelligence for growing and mid-sized businesses," said NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. "NetSuite 2007.0 is an amazingly powerful offering that makes it easy for midsized companies to manage the complexity of running their operations, and our SaaS delivery model eliminates the customer's pain of installing and operating on-premise software."

"NetSuite has identified one of the key niches in the on-demand market, linking together front- and back-office applications to provide end-to-end business solutions," said Denis Pombriant, managing principal of Beagle Research Group. "The successful combination of power and ease gives mid-size companies the simpler tools they need to support their complex operations—and that can be a powerful tool for growth, enabling SMBs to compete with larger rivals on a more even footing."

NetSuite 2007.0 showcases NetSuite's leadership in providing sophisticated, on-demand software suites to meet the needs of midsize businesses, delivered with superior ease-of-use that makes management of complex businesses simpler and cheaper. Naturally, this has attracted customers who previously have often struggled with monolithic solutions that were difficult to adapt to their dynamic and changing needs.

"We have partnered with NetSuite for the past two years and we look forward to the new features in NetSuite 2007.0, providing us with greater ability to manage our business throughout Europe," said Steve Carr, Sales & Marketing Director, ACAL plc ( "The use of NetSuite 2007.0 will allow us to dynamically develop and structure our business to meet the continuing changing demands and needs of our customers."

"Our NetSuite dashboards give me and our top managers real-time views and analytics into our global sales," said Fabrice Cancre, COO of Olympus NDT ( "We manage our entire business using NetSuite including quotations, sales orders, managing forecasts by product, ecommerce, financials, and multi-location inventory. With this new release of NetSuite 2007.0, we're very excited about SuiteAnalytics and the Global CRM multi-currency with consolidated forecasting capabilities to help manage our business globally at an even broader scale."

Pricing and Availability: NetSuite 2007.0 is available in the standard NetSuite service, with no additional charge and rolls out to customers from June to August 2007. NetSuite starts at $499/month and $99 for each user per month.

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