A New Age of Growth

This year has been…well, you don’t need us to tell you.

So, what’s next? It may be tempting to just stick with the status quo, but where does that leave you?

It’s time to get proactive, pick your next paths, and get back to growth.

In our event series, A New Age of Growth, we’ll speak with your peers, industry experts and thought leaders to shed light on the superpowers you need to discover what’s possible and accelerate growth.

On Demand

Couldn’t join us live?

We have you covered. Past events are available On Demand and will be published after each event.

The Future of Business: Gearing for Growth

Join Small Business Expert, Ramon Ray, as he reviews the key findings from our 2021 Business Leader Survey. Together with finance experts, he will explore the results and other leading strategies, including:

  • Top priorities for marketing in support of new customer acquisition.
  • Spending rebounds in technology, talent and capital expenditures.
  • Continued focus on ecommerce and digital marketing efforts.
  • Remaining concerns around supply chain stability.

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Upskill Your Accounting Function

Join Founder and CEO of 1st Step Accounting, Nayo Carter-Gray, and a panel of top accounting experts as they discuss how accountants need to evolve their skill set to be an accounting superhero. Topics will include:

  • Job security, with continued education including CPA digital and data-driven changes, CPE requirements, and employer support for upskilling/reskilling.
  • Top financial skills required to stay relevant in a post-COVID-19 world, such as risk management, cost management and cash forecasting.
  • Shifting priorities and marketplace disruption, how accounting firms are competing by increasing their focus on automating workflows, AI and data analytics.

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Ready to Soar? How Continuous Financial Planning and Budgeting Power Growth

Join this discussion with Chief Funding Officer, Kedma Ough, to learn about the benefits of continuous planning and how to accurately forecast growth.

We’ll discuss how you can:

  • Eliminate manual processes. Automate manual financial processes to save time, reduce errors, and move faster.
  • Build rolling forecasts and models. Use rolling forecasts and modelling to replace annual planning cycles so that you can respond to changing business conditions as they happen.
  • Drive strategic planning. Leverage data from across the business to drive long-term value and growth.

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The Secrets to Delivering Flexible Fulfillment

In this discussion, you’ll learn why an inventory management solution that’s unified with order management, financials and ecommerce is key to delighting customers and succeeding in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

Hear how you can:

  • Support all customer purchasing preferences, whether it’s curbside pickup, buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) or home delivery.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and create simple, engaging buying experiences across channels.
  • Avoid delivery delays with strong inventory management practices and automated replenishment.

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Establishing Supply Chain Responsiveness

Establishing a resilient supply chain requires strategic thinking around cost management, profitability, forecasting and visibility. In this discussion, we’ll explore how to address these crucial factors and how to:

  • Critically evaluate your supply chain and make it more diverse.
  • Make the move from a just-in-time to a just-in-case supply chain.
  • Plan effectively around expected demand.

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Embracing 3 Key Growth Strategies

Healthforce Superfoods and Quatris HealthCo know the importance of adaptable strategy, processes and technologies. In this discussion, we explore best practices on growing for the future, focusing on how to:

  • Overcome pricing challenges while shifting new revenue streams from temporary to permanent.
  • Approach automation holistically to deliver efficiency and productivity payoffs.
  • Expand your approach to data and make financial analysis continuous.

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