The NetSuite AI Advantage

NetSuite embeds AI functionality throughout the system to better support your daily workflows. AI can offer new ways to simplify tasks, suggest actions, and uncover business insights that result in more informed and better decisions. Here’s what is unique about how NetSuite delivers meaningful AI capabilities:

The Suite.

As a full suite of cloud-based ERP applications, NetSuite centralises your data from all business functions to provide an ideal foundation for getting the most out of AI. Businesses that have data spread across many siloed systems, on the other hand, will need to first gather, organise, and transform that data before AI systems can make use of it.

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Our Scale.

Quality data is essential for training AI models to recognise patterns and make accurate predictions. More and newer data lets you continuously refine your algorithms, and regularly updating those models with fresh data improves accuracy and relevance. If you use NetSuite, you already have a major advantage: You have centralised, up-to-date, and accurate data on-demand at all times. And the more of the suite you use, the more powerful AI can become for your company.


NetSuite, as a business unit within Oracle, has access to the leading AI technology, partnerships, and infrastructure capabilities of one of the world’s largest software companies. Our product development teams collaborate with Oracle’s AI experts, so we can quickly embed the latest AI capabilities into NetSuite. NetSuite runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data centres and Oracle Autonomous Database, so you have all the performance and prebuilt machine learning models needed to power AI-driven strategies. Finally, we can quickly offer ready-made best-of-breed Oracle AI-powered applications and offer them to NetSuite users.

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AI Assistant Capabilities: Helping You Accomplish More

NetSuite AI uses data and automation capabilities from the suite to handle repetitive tasks, which helps increase accuracy, speed up work, and free up employees to focus on other work. NetSuite AI-powered assistant features include:

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AI Anomaly Detection

AI Anomaly Detection in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data centres continually scans live traffic and correlates findings with logs to spot warning signals, the system identifies and fixes problems before they cause harm.

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Content Generation

NetSuite Text Enhance uses generative AI to increase employee productivity by automating the creation and refinement of content such as sales emails, purchase orders, and product descriptions in NetSuite.

AI Advisor Capabilities: Delivering Expert Insights and Analysis

In its role as an advisor, NetSuite AI delivers faster, better insights and analysis to help guide leaders, improve outcomes, and support more informed decision-making. A few NetSuite products with AI-powered advisor capabilities include:

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Planning and Budgeting

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting applies AI-based analysis to large datasets to improve predictions about future performance and their impact on your company.

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Business Intelligence

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse turns to AI to help employees unveil patterns, opportunities, and relationships from various sources of data; explain key findings with GenAI-created chart summaries; and identify key drivers of revenue growth.

NetSuite Text Enhance enables us to provide a better experience for our team and ultimately, our clients. For example, Text Enhance helps our clients efficiently generate compelling item descriptions and job descriptions. It has already proven to be a huge time-saver for our team, and we look forward to benefiting further from the expanded capabilities.

David Lindmeir
CEO, Foretopia

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