Family Landscape Business Uses Automation to Speed Budgeting and Reduce Accounts Receivable by $1M+

John and Jackie Gachina started Gachina Landscape Management in their garage 35 years ago. Now with five branches and seven offices across Northern California, the company focuses mainly on commercial properties with specialised departments that deliver services in plant health care, water management, and more. The family business has about 400 employees who are experts in both landscape maintenance and softscaping, or arranging plants and grass.


Gachina Landscape Management


Menlo Park, CA


Professional Services


$35-40 million


250 to 499


Microsoft ERP
Microsoft Office


Microsoft Dynamics 365


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“In the process of creating our annual budget, NetSuite Planning and Budgeting delivered cost savings right away.” Dan Wolf, IT Director, Gachina Landscape Management

A Family Business Upgrades Its Tech With Striking Results

Spreadsheets make budgeting painful
When Jackie Gachina took over as the company’s president and CEO, she conferred with IT consultants and then hired an IT director to help update Gachina’s technology. Gachina used Microsoft Great Plains and Excel for budgeting, flying in a consultant for a full week each year to help create the budget. Troubleshooting spreadsheet formulas—only to arrive at a static budget that soon became outdated—was no way to usher in the company’s next chapter.
Unmatched functionality stands out
In its search for a new system, the team evaluated Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, Acumatica, and NetSuite. The NetSuite sales team offered insight into which modules would deliver the most value, and Gachina opted for NetSuite’s breadth of budgeting, reporting, and accounting functionality. Employees adapted quickly with training from NetSuite Learning Cloud Support, and within two months, Gachina was operating on NetSuite ERP at full capacity.
A rolling budget offers insights
Gachina used NetSuite Planning and Budgeting to eliminate its painful budgeting process and consulting costs. Branch managers now create their own budgets in NetSuite annually, then adjust them throughout each month. This rolling budget means they no longer wait until month-end to gauge profitability and make operational adjustments. They also use NetSuite Smart View(opens in new tab), which seamlessly connects to Excel, to model how various compensation increases would affect profitability.
Automation overhauls accounting
Gachina has also created efficiencies in accounting. NetSuite Dunning Letters(opens in new tab) has automated collections, contributing to a $1 million reduction in outstanding invoices. An automated workflow routes POs to approvers as necessary, and leadership can check each vendor’s transaction history in a few clicks. The team is implementing NetSuite AP Automation(opens in new tab) to automate invoice processing and payments, which will save an accounting hire even as Gachina continues to grow.

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